Recently retired Detective Sergeant Roddy Llewellyn has served with the Metropolitan Police in London for 31 years.   The majority of his career has been spent as a Detective at New Scotland Yard.  In 2006 he set up the United Kingdom’s very first Human Trafficking team, a group directly responsible for over 25% of all convictions for Human Trafficking in the UK in since 2004.  Notably they dismantled 28 organised criminal networks, while securing convictions totaling over 230 years.

While running the team, Detective Llewellyn has worked closely with the top NGO’s world wide and has been engaged with numerous operations with the Eastern European, European and International Police Agencies in the pursuit of Human Trafficking criminal networks.

Detective Llewellyn created the first admissible video evidence testimony protocols thereby allowing witnesses to provide evidence from their home countries.   This was a fiscally viable and innovative method that procured testimony from victims who were seeking safe havens from their traffickers and their networks.

The United States State Department Trafficking in Persons Report 2010 specifically acknowledged Detective Llewellyn’s team for their compassionate and humane protocols for dealing with victims of Trafficking.    He has met with the State Department for Trafficking in Persons at the White House, with the FBI and other Human Trafficking Task Force Agencies around the world.

The 2012 T.I.P report once again featured DS Llewellyn showing a picture of him lecturing in Atlanta to The Department of Education for Georgia

In addition to his extensive and groundbreaking work in Human Trafficking, DS Llewellyn worked on the Serious Crimes Teams of Scotland Yard from 1989 – 2006.  As a Serious Crime Detective, DS Llewellyn was an integral part of the Central 3000 Kidnap Suite, — the state of the art, hi-tech command center that is activated when someone is kidnapped.  In addition he went undercover to track Contract Killers, Art Thieves and Drug Smugglers.  He also has the honor of performing anti-surveillance for the Royal Family.

Currently, DS Llewellyn has retired and is a sought after keynote lecturer on Human Trafficking around the world, serves as a consultant for film, television and print.  He  is writing a book about his experiences in setting up the first Human Trafficking team in the United Kingdom.

Edited May 2012

6 responses to “About

  1. Roddy has a great knowledge and understanding of this subject. His presentations are interesting, spoken from first hand experience and entertaining.
    Good luck with the book and keep going. It was a great pleasure to work with you and most importantly, for introducing and getting me involved in the field of human trafficking.
    Andy Desmond, Detective Constable, New Scotland Yard.

  2. Hi Roddy,

    I’m a postgrad journalist based at City Uni in London and I’m researching human trafficking and the London Olympics. Would you be happy to meet and be interviewed on the subject? Perhaps Friday 16th?

    Kind regards,

    Nigel Wilson

  3. Hi Roddy,
    We must get back in touch.
    Stay well, keeping pushing the envelope and keep smiling,
    Best wishes
    Peter Cox
    Chair – CCAT

  4. Hi Roddy,

    Chloe from ECPAT UK here. Great to read the blog – it’s really interesting and helps promote the issue in an accessible way. Could you drop me a line at my email address as I don’t have your email?
    Thanks, Chloe

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  6. I miss you Rodrigo! There’ll never be another sergeant like you! Really did learn loads while on your crew- have my HTT badge to prove it! Can’t wait to read the book…glad you haven’t put your feet up and are still on the case of all the traffickers out there
    Creany Creature
    Ex HTT donkey

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