Deadly Game

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

I recently received a request from Matt Johnson, a retired Police Officer turned author, to assist him with his latest book, Deadly Game.

I’d never served with Matt or met him but he was writing a novel with Human Trafficking as the thread to his piece.

After reading his first novel ‘Wicked Games’ I was happy to assist as he has an engaging style.

Wicked games

Matt retired from The Police and wrote ‘Wicked Games’ from notes made during his treatment for Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD).

I have read a draft of his latest book and offered my opinion (I’m cheap!) and Matt kindly let me read his revised edit. I have to say Matt has in my opinion, grasped the plight of the victim and the novel ( a work of fiction) has plot lines that I recognise as real life issues when I have dealt with these investigations.

Read a taster of it below and have a look on Matts page.


Anca Valcea huddled against the stone garden wall for shelter.

Winter was around the corner. The east wind was beginning to turn cold. Soon, she would need to take a chance and wait inside the house for the factory bus to arrive. In a few short weeks the winds from the east would bring snow and it would be certain death to wait in the street for the six o’clock pick-up.

Soon, her father would be demanding she leave the job at the factory and join her brother gathering wood to fuel the stove.

Soon… soon, she would find a new life.

For now, Anca contented herself with wrapping her mother’s woollen coat tight around her slim figure, lifting the collar and making herself as small and as tight as possible.

The wall provided the only protection from where she could see the approach of the bus. Miss the bus, no ride. Miss the ride, no job. Miss the job, go hungry.

Mat has not asked me to advertise his work but I believe his work brings to note the plight of victims, the intricacies of Human Trafficking investigations and the hurdles Police have to overcome to get the right result for a survivor of trafficking.

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  1. Reblogged this on matt johnson and commented:
    Nice article here from Roddy Llewllyn, ex Human Traffiking team, Met Police

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