For Christmas I bring you ……..Misery

Greetings from The Slave Detective,


“Keep Christmas in December” I hear you cry!!

The lead stories in the UK this week are stories about two of our big Stores launching their adverts on UK TV.

We are of course well on the way to the big holiday. 50 shopping days I believe!

That in a week when three Portuguese men were arrested Wednesday for trafficking and enslaving 34 Bulgarians in Braganca, 490 km northeast of Lisbon. 

Or in a week when an NGO in a good Christian country like Ireland said the number of people illegally brought here to work as prostitutes increased by 17% in 2013.

ireland girl

Strange that these stories made the news in Shanghai!

The Bulgarians were forced to work on a farm on the chestnut harvest. Another link to Christmas. I hope their plight at being rescued from sleeping in a 10 square-meter room in “miserable conditions” will brighten their festivities.

I hope the stores in question who released their ‘big’ adverts are not stocking the chestnuts being harvested by these poor people.

Modern-day slavery is hidden, under-reported and organised. Annual profits made from exploiting people in this way are estimated at around £22 billion.

The Salvation Army, which supports human trafficking victims, has seen a 62 percent rise in people seeking their support in the last year in The UK. This at a time when our law enforcement is shrinking it’s resources in dealing with this serious organised crime.

50 more shopping days to Christmas. Will you be thinking about Slavery when you purchase your ‘Fair Trade’ gifts?


Think Chestnuts roasting on an open fire!


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