Airlines might hold The Answer

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

It always gives me a great feeling of pleasure to see a conviction or a significant arrest for Human Trafficking.

This is of course tainted with the knowledge that there is a person who has been exploited. Hopefully their story has been heard and they are being supported by the likes of The Poppy Project.

I have notice in recent times how persons in a position of authority have been particularly targeted. This Blog looks at persons in positions of abuse in the transport industry.

Transportation is one of the indicators for Human Trafficking and is required to be proved in order to actually have an offence.

airline human_trafficking

Air France recently had one of its managers arrested with his Brazillian wife using cheap Air France plane tickets to bring victims from Brazil to France.

The executive and his wife travelled to Brazil about once a month and would return each time with several women who they passed off as family members, and who were thus entitled to travel on tickets costing only €150 each.

The operation was brought to a halt after one of the women, who had come to France in 2010 to study but was allegedly forced into prostitution by the executive’s wife Claudia, eventually escaped her pimps in 2013 and alerted the police.

A long time ago Delta Airlines were looking at educating their staff on Human Trafficking, looking to raise their awareness.

I’m sure many others have looked at this issue but of course cost is always an issue when big companies are looking to maximise their profits.

There is a web site that raises awareness in airline staff. I spotted it on one of my readers pages. (Thank you Phil Cenedella). It reminded me of my attempts to get airlines involved in Human Trafficing.

Airline Ambassadors International has a web page devoted to such a topic.

“Airports and supporting travel hotels are major hubs of entry and exit for perpetrators and victims alike. Training is needed for airport and travel industry personnel including airport employees, hotel employees, tourism companies, ground transportation and law enforcement.”

Maybe we should be contacting our airline of choice to establish exactly what they are doing with their staff.

Cases have been documented in which traffickers have misrepresented themselves as sports coaches, employers, and family members of trafficked victims. Airport personnel at ticket counters, gates and other areas of airport operations are in a unique position to identify potential victims and report potential incidents to law enforcement agencies, in order to rescue victims and bring traffickers to justice.

I wanted Airports in the UK to have posters placed in Immigration and places of promanace in their buildings.

It was met with a frosty reception by airport owners.

Space is advertising revenue! Once again it is left to the persons who pay these people wages to tell them what we want!




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