The Growing Trend of Sex Tourist.

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

In my 200th Blog I ask:-

What drives a man to consider flying to a another country, engage in sexual acts with children in an attempt to usurp the law?


What is it that drives persons who should be looking after children abuse them?

I’m not sure if this is a growing trend or it has always been lingering in the shadows of human deprivation.

In the link above a teacher was stopped flying to Belize to have sex with a 13yr old and a 15yr old girl.

It would have been his 10th trip to the country since June 2011.

Belize refused Thompson entry, however, and when he returned to Miami, he was arrested on a charge of enticing a minor for sex. He could face up to life in prison if convicted. He was initially stopped on his way out of The USA but no evidence could be gained of any offences.

Belize, a TIER 2 TIP, Country, recently outlawed the commercial exploitation of children.

We are in the free world so of course he should be allowed to travel! Should he?

Thousands of men from Europe travel to Asia every year with the sole purpose of engaging in sexual acts with children. These men are doing irreparable damage to the next generation of man kind. Do we just accept this kind of behaviour.

How do we prevent it?

There are at least two issues here of course. Put simply, sex tourism is when someone travels with the primary purpose of paying for sex at their intended destination. But it is split into adult sex tourism and child sex tourism.

Child sex tourism is a lot more complex, and more difficult to pin down. Some of the victims are child prostitutes, some are essentially slaves and others are “groomed” by rich Westerners posing as good Samaritans.

Who would submit their own child to this?

High profile persons such as fallen pop star Gary Glitter and the death of Jimmy Savile with the revelations that he abused children have raised this issue’s profile.

“Upon hearing the sentence – the minimum permissible under local laws in Vietnam – Glitter once again protested his innocence and accused the media of waging a conspiracy against him.”

One of the major problems is that the onus to stop child sex tourism usually falls on the country in which the abuse takes place. These countries usually have poor, underfunded police forces that simply cannot afford to monitor suspicious foreigners 24 hours a day.

A common call is that the responsibility should be shifted to the richer countries from where the offenders come from, but there is often the issue of evidence.

There is also the issue of monitoring the internet where these people prey on the vulnerable.

Civil rights groups have been questioning the legality of authorities watching what we look at on the internet.

If my computer knows what I’m shopping for then shouldn’t we use this technology in the fight against this type of crime?

David Wendel Thompson communicated on Facebook with the two girls they said he targeted in Belize.

“I will make sure u always have money,” Thompson reportedly wrote on Facebook to the 13-year-old. “it hurts i want to do so much for u, i need u to give back a little … and i always want to be special to u so let me b your first.”

Authorities said David Wendel Thompson sent a similar message to the 15-year-old, saying, “i just want to be ur first thats my present so i can be special to u.”

Child protection charities are warning that sex tourism is spreading with an estimated 250,000 people travelling abroad for sex with minors every year.

We can do more and take the battle to these people. Air Canada haven’t shied away from the subject. They have spear-headed a video that is played on flights to such destinations.

“A  significant  barrier  to  putting  an  end  to  the  sexual  victimization  of  children  is  silence  and ignorance,”  a spokes person said. “The  impact  of a corporation with Air Canada’s profile speaking  out  on  this  issue  can’t  be  underestimated.”

As Brazil prepares to host the World Cup this summer, Fortaleza, one of the host cities, is under the spotlight for its reputation as the country’s capital of sex tourism and the sexual exploitation of children. With around 6,000 foreign fans expected to arrive, and Brazilians travelling to matches nationwide, there is a real fear of a huge surge in the sex trafficking of minors.

Sexual violence is the second most reported crime against children in Brazil, with most victims aged between 10 and 14. Fortaleza has received more complaints, or denuncias, to a special toll-free telephone line than any other city.

Once again we need to MAKE this type of crime completely unacceptable. It is indeed up to us to raise the issue and ask what can be done by governments and private industry to ‘target harden’ our children.



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