Are we using the most of Technology?

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

So ……. Are we using the most of Technology?

computer crime

I have seen recent articles highlighting new programmes that purport to be able to assist in the battle against Human Trafficking.

The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DAPRA) has launched a programme aimed at developing the next generation of task-orientated search engines that will help index and organise “mission-critical publically available information” on the web and deep web. The first domain it wants to target with this new technology, it says, is human trafficking.

It is great that the boffins that are out there are using their brain power to target this global problem.

The truth of the matter though is unless this problem is a priority in our lives, and in the lives of the people who task investigators and law enforcement, such fantastic computer programmes are unlikely to be used to target the organised criminal networks that are profiting from this misery.

‘Policing Today’ agree that Technology is the way forward. They printed an article by Gordon Harrison, Industry Consultant, Public Security, SAS.

I disagree with some of the content about how the recent new anti-slavery legislation will give the police and judiciary extra powers to be more effective.  Mr Harrison seems to have way to much faith in how Government Agencies in The UK Police Human Trafficking.

The fact is that the technology is there to assist is correct.

The Police now have an ‘On Line Training Package via NCALT.

This has replaced the more expensive presentations where persons, who have dealt with Human Trafficking, pass on their learning personally. The NCALT training package can give you a certificate to show you are trained in Human Trafficking. How do you achieve this cettificate?

Tick the box to say you have READ the package. You don’t even have to read or understand it!!!


The first step towards tackling a problem is to understand it better.

Yet, there is currently limited, reliable, nationwide data on human trafficking.

Most information about human trafficking is fragmented and anecdotal, and even this is rarely shared across organizations.

Accordingly, it is difficult to paint a complete picture of the scope of trafficking in the world, to fully understand the networks behind trafficking, and to identify the best ways to fight it.

What we all agee though is that ‘Partnership’ is the best way forward filtering information and intelligence not only within Government agencies but in the community.

We can all do something about Human Trafficking. Lets start by making it a Government and Policing Priority.

At the moment both these agencies are paying lips service to the problem helping Organise Criminal Networks stay one step ahead of any technology that is produced because without the persons using this technology it is useless.

You can be assured the these OCN’s are using technology to the best of its ability to suit their purpose.

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