How On Earth did we end up like this?

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

In the absence of the ‘Rule of Law’  destitute and vulnerable people are not protected from Slavery. If you can use violence with impunity you can reach out and harvest destitute and vulnerable people.

I believe The T.I.P report is going some way to address this issue. We need our Governments to support this and put the fear back to The Traffickers.

for cash

People who step into slavery today are not often kidnapped or knocked over the head. They come into slavery because someone has asked them this question:-


All around the world the story is the same.

They did exactly what you or I would do………….. “I knew I had to do something to earn some money”

The hook is baited and when it is taken and the person wants to get ‘off’ …bang the hammer comes down and they are enslaved.

The complete collapse of the price of human beings is fueling the Human Trafficking Market.

If this were a ‘market commodity’ there would be a rush on purchasing ‘humans’ as there is a glut on ‘the product’. Global Demand is strong and prices are low. We are not about to run out of people.

Are they like styrofoam cups. You buy them cheaply, (you could purchase a slave for $5- US- in India or Nepal) they are used, crumpled up and discarded when not needed any more.

Take a look at this lecture which purports to be on immigration.

It brings home to me exactly how much poverty there is in the world. Poverty that is fueling the Human Trafficking Trade.

Of course you are not a Trafficked Victim just because you are poor. You of course don’t have to be poor to be trafficked. I have proved that many times previously.

If we put resources to Slavery (we do not buy people out of slavery like some have….Aaron Cohen…would you buy your TV back from a burglar?) we can build stable lives for world poor.

The estimated cost for stable freedom in the world is the same as the cost for what Americans spend on potato chips and pretzels annually or what we spent on Ipods and tech gifts for Christmas globally. About $10.8 Billion.

At a global level this is peanuts and if you let people out of slavery to work for themselves they become consumers and producers and local economy’s spiral up globally.

The poor live in places where the costs are lowest. Slaves in The Western World do cost a lot more to empower.

We have to ask ourselves if we are willing to live in a world of slavery?

Traffickers are making about $32 Billion a year. Nice work if you can get it!


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