Welcome to a New Era? Part 2.

Greetings from The Slave Detective.

So having had a quick look at what The UK is up to for 2014 I thought I would have a glance around the world and see if anything catches my eye.

Having recently visited Switzerland I though I would have a look at their latest idea on how to tackle Human Trafficking.

Zürich introduces ‘drive-in’ sex was one such story that had just been launched when I was there!


So a couple of months on how was this going?

The authorities say ‘Its working!’

“After two months I can say that this guarded prostitution site is working,” Michael Herzig, director of social services for sex workers in the city, told reporters.

Read more in the French Press.

In this The YouTube coverage by an American ‘Richard Fowler Show’ it is interesting to hear that there are currently 14 sex workers there every day, security guards, health workers and support workers. This is according to The Press release.

As we know this isn’t always exactly right. I will speak to my Swiss colleagues and see how they see it is going but I wonder how long it will take Organised Crime to take over the security and bend the ‘Rules’ if they haven’t already.

UPDATE…from my friends in Switzerland. They say:-

Prostitution in Switzerland is legal. Supreme Court made once a decision that every community must allow street prostitution as well, following the rules of economic freedom. During the time of the open drug scene in the 90’s the nearby Sihlquai (a street along the river Sihl) became a place where female drug addicts made money with prostitution. The city council allowed that business and the Sihlquai became an official zone where street prostitution is legal during the night. In 2006 Hungarian human traffickers took this place over by forcing the established drug prostitutes to leave the place or to pay attendance money. From that moment on it became a problem for the neighbourhood. Sometimes over 50 prostitutes did their business there, creating problems to the people living there. The same time it was clear that almost all of those Hungarian prostitutes were forced to do their sex work. The situation created more and more political pressure to the city council. It was clear that the Sihlquai was no longer tolerable.

The Sex Boxes are a result of that situation. City council couldn’t close Sihlquai without an alternative. The Sex Boxes stand next to an artificial Sihlquai in a more abandoned area. In the same premises are the people of Social Department to take care of possible victims of human trafficking.
The Sex Boxes allow to work in a secure environment and the problems with Sihlquai are solved. In that sense the Sex Boxes are a success. Whether the business itself is successfully is another question. But the business itself should not be the concern of the local authorities.
It was also announced by the city council that human trafficking is not present around the sex boxes. That message is wrong. Human trafficking is not visible there, but of course there are victims of human trafficking working there.
After all the media mixes up different issues not always distinguish between prostitution and human trafficking.”
So there you have it from the horses mouth!!

In 2014 Brazil will host The World Cup. I wondered how Brazil was coping with their Human Trafficking problem.

The number of reports of human trafficking in Brazil has risen 1,500 percent in 2013, according to government figures, indicating an increased awareness of a crime, which remains a major problem in the country. The Secretariat of Women’s Policies announced a dedicated government reporting hotline had registered 263 allegations of the crime during the first six months of the year, compared to 17 over the same period in 2012.

This of course is the building of major sporting events. The rise in prostitution, cheap labour and organised crime taking advantage of a pressurised completion schedule creates this.

In the UK we hid behind the ‘what will happen when the Olympics Starts. In truth the Uk missed the trick of recognising that Organised Crime establishes itself early around these events.

Hopefully if Brazil is recognising a sharp increase in Trafficking reports they are being given assistance tackling the problem. Don’t wait until the Games Start to take action!

Brazil announced its Second National Plan to Combat the Trafficking of
Persons on February 26, 2013. The plan, to be implemented by 2014, promises the investment of the equivalent of U.S.$3 million to combat sex trafficking. The
plan will develop new control posts in border towns to provide victims’
services, train over 400 government staff, and change the penal code to
criminalize other types of trafficking such as illegal adoption of children,
organ extraction, and forced labor.

The results of this should be here soon I hope?

What about The Middle East? Is there progress there?

Well The Saudi Royal Family had a result on the Human Trafficking front!

One of their Princesses accused of Human Trafficking in USA had her charges dropped.

This was a sudden announcement and raised a few eyebrows around the world.

Some of the comments at the bottom of this article are interesting!

Domestic Servitude cases are notoriously difficult to prove and in this case the victims were being paid, all be it a very small amount pre month.

Domestic Servitude is making the News in Saudi and interestingly legislation has been drafted stating maids should have 9hrs free time a day!!

I’m not sure if sleeping time is counted as free time? Additionally they have :-

” a weekly day-off, one-month paid vacation after every two years and medical leave. The workers should respect the teachings of Islam and the Kingdom’s rules and regulations and carry out their duties perfectly, the law said. They should obey the employer and his family members and protect their property and should not harm children or elderly members and keep family secrets.”

So it looks like Saudi Arabia is getting tough on Human Trafficking?

At least they are reporting Trafficking in their press. I fear they will remain a Tier 3 Country on the TIP Report for some time yet.

Canada featured on my radar when I spoke to The Toronto Dominion Bank Anti Money Laundering Staff in London.

Canada also invited Andy Desmond over to speak at a conference in November 2013.


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