The Price of Sex

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

There are many persons who go above and beyond for the sake of Anti Human Trafficking.

In a six-minute video ‘The Price of Sex’ shows how Mimi Chakarova went into ‘their world’.

One part of the film highlights something I believe we are missing.

In major sporting/global events the question about victims being exploited isn’t necessarily when the event is on but when it is being built. The workers are away from home, often being exploited themselves. The sex industry thrives in this environment!

I raised this many times during the building of The London Olympics. Those in Power say they were Trafficking Free!

Another person working tirelessly, who I have crossed paths with recently and seeks no recognition for their toil is the artist Marian van der Zwaan. I know she will cringe when she reads this.


She has set up ‘The Labyrinth’ in five countries. What is this?

It is a project/art installation focussed on human trafficking. The project consists of five labyrinths, constructed in 3 different continents, with a permanent construction in Ghana, Accra. “HHP” will be launched simultaneous on the 18th October 2013 (European day against Human Trafficking) in Accra, Bern, Lisbon, Luanda and São Paulo.

HHP (High Heel Project) is created with a specific emphasis on young people, working with high schools, teachers and public institutions in different parts of the world. And in so doing, stimulate a bond between students from different origins, enabling them to exchange experiences, ideas and information about the issue of human trafficking.

What is amazing is that this lady has created games and packages that she has given away to stimulate debate.

When I met her in Switzerland at the IOM launch she was not even mentioned in the program notes!

I am fortunate enough to meet many persons like this. Most of whom would hate to have their names highlighted.

One last person I must comment.

Stephan Fuchs. He was just one of the many persons working tirelessly to create Switzerland’s awareness week from 18th-25th October 2013.

He and others are looking to create a ‘safe house’ in Bern for victims of Ju Ju. He does this quietly and efficiently and I’m convinced that he and those around him will be successful in their goal.

To help others that are ignored in their society.

Good Luck Mr Fox.



2 responses to “The Price of Sex

  1. Stephan is very much an unsung hero.
    I totally applaud his dedicated work,especially with the victims of trafficking!!

  2. Thank you Mr Sherly. It was a great pleasure to have you abord the ship these week. Without your input, your effort and your humor things would not happen. Thank you!

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