How aware are YOU?

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

I may be preaching to the converted. Sometimes that is the trouble with writing a blog. Only those that harbour an interest read it!

Even then the vast majority don’t really know the full impact of what human trafficking is.

That is why I corner people at every opportunity to let them know Trafficking is a real problem!!!

blue print

There are many guides for us to read but it isn’t really until you listen to those at the sharp end… the survivors, the NGO’s who are the first point of contact, the Police and the Judiciary …..The punters!!!  do you get a true flavour of what Human Trafficking is.

It is very difficult to put something together, like this, that is not politically/religiously/morally/racially slanted.

I have been pointed to something that fits all of these and has a ‘Ju Ju’ ceremony thrown in to completely scare the wits from you.

The Human Trafficking / a FBI NAA & APUS Project is one such thing.

Look at THIS PAGE and go to the bottom and watch the film ‘Are You Aware?’

Don’t leave it!

It is 25 minutes of pure gold!

Watch it and show it to anyone that will sit still for 30mins! It has everything.

African trafficking is huge. Europe is struggling to cope with this as few will tackle it. I have spoken many times of how 90% of all clients in NGO’s are of African Origin.

No one is prosecuting!

This needs to change. Attitudes need to change. Watching this film will go some way to achieving this.









3 responses to “How aware are YOU?

  1. Can you tell me precisely where you can find victims of trafficking beyond pointing out countries in general?
    By that I mean, businesses that dedicate their time selling women. I mean, they have to be in the open if they want the money.
    So, asides from repeating bullitins, can you point out the bussineses, especific names of businesses that traffic people??? Cities, areas, etc???
    Not just the generic fangare… specifics.

    • Greetings Victor,

      Firstly can I ask why you ask this question?

      I have prepared an answer for you but need to establish exactly what your point is?


    • Sorry Victor, I have been out of the country.

      Why exactly do you want to find victims of trafficking?

      Businesses do not advertise the fact they have trafficked victims..that would be way to easy for the authorities.
      Partnership working, much hard work and good intelligence are keys to discovering victims.

      Human Trafficking is all around us. Open your eyes and discover it.

      If you wish to be more specific as to why you require such information maybe we can have a more informative conversation.

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