Light at the end of the Tunnel?

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

As always its been a busy time.

Recently I attended the Trafficking Law and Policy Forum held quarterly in ‘The Temple’, home of The Law Society, London.


This event was probably the best attended I have ever seen it.

I believe there is one reason for this. The Metropolitan Police had sent a new Detective to present to the meeting.

It may have been the discussion on Legal Aid legislation by Solange Valdez!

I wouldn’t bet my house on it…. Or Yours!!!!

It may have been the very informative Marika McAdam from the UNODC!!

Marika is an independent consultant at the UNODC. She has a legal background and has written and contributed to numerous UNODC publications including, amongst others, the International Framework for Action to Implement the Migrant Smuggling Protocol (UNODC, 2012),

 In-depth Training Manual to Investigate and Prosecute Smuggling of Migrants (UNODC, 2012),

Issue Paper on Abuse of a Position of Vulnerability (UNODC, 2012),

and the Toolkit to Combat Trafficking in Persons (UNODC, 2008).

 She was very good and talked very frankly about The Power of The UNODC and how they can effectively bring pressure to bare on states that avoid their responsibilities.

Sorry Marika for asking a tricky question!! She was excellent.

My tricky questions were really stored up for the main event’!

SC&O9, formally SCD9, formally Clubs and Vice (who says changing a name can protect you). The presentation was by :-

Detective Sergeant Steve Lambeth

Metropolitan Police

Developments in Sex Trafficking Prosecutions and the Use of Joint Investigation Teams (JIT)

Detective Sergeant Lambert is managing numerous cases, including an on-going JIT.

Now it may have escaped a few of you…… but I have been less than complimentary about The Metropolitan Police ability to investigate Human Trafficking! In short the new unit has been seriously poor.

Having listened to Steve Lambeth I think all of that may change.

It was like listening to the birth of the Human Trafficking Team back in 2007. His vision, passion and expertise as a Serious Organised Detective was impressive.

It gave me hope that ‘The Slave Detective’ may have to retire very soon! Well maybe not too soon!

I held back my horrid questions on the inability of the current unit to prosecute Human Trafficking cases instead of Vice cases. The lack of any press engagement or engagement with anyone who could point them in the right direction!

Steve is very new to the unit. The management may not allow him to carry the team forward with the same vision The Human Trafficking Team had back in 2007.

He has done one thing that no one has since The Human Trafficking Team was disbanded in 2010. He has given all NGO’s hope and engaged with those that ‘Can Do’. He is the first from this unit to engage with the Trafficking Forum ( not a place for the faint hearted Detective for sure) AND WON THEM OVER.

He sent out a letter:-

May I take this opportunity to thank you again for inviting me to speak at the Trafficking Law and Policy Forum last night.

In response to the many questions people had, can I please ask that you forward on my contact details to all your members.

I would like to encourage anyone to make contact with me to raise any concerns they have or to discuss any matters that I may be able to assist with from a Law Enforcement prospective.

Additionally where possible they would be more than welcome to visit our unit in order for them to gain a better understanding of what we do and how we work.

While I cannot promise I will be able help on every occasion I hope to at least act as a liaison/point of contact for advice and guidance, in particular when members are experiencing difficulties in engaging with Police across the country.

An area of concern for me was the number of trafficked victims that may not be coming forward to Police, and while I understand they may not wish to engage directly with Police for numerous reasons I am keen that we capture any intelligence that we can research and progress.

I would also like to highlight the below freephone number that can be used to contact our on call officer 24/7.

Stop the Traffic Freephone 0800 783 2589

Kindest Regards

Steve Lambeth Detective Sergeant Trafficking & Prostitution UnitSC & O 9 Specialist and Economic Crime Command.

Is there Light at the End of The Tunnel?

I…. the eternal optimist…believe there is!

The proof will be in the ‘pudding’ but Steve has my support and assistance should he need it. I’m not sure he does!


2 responses to “Light at the end of the Tunnel?

  1. Best of luck to Steve Lambeth, but if he starts rattling too many cages he will be promoted out of it. MetPol is now too political

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