Is It Anything to do with Us?

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

Well having just eaten  ‘Humble Pie’ and looking to possibly end the Slave Detective’s usefulness, I found myself branching out in another direction.

Toronto Dominion Banking Group have held an Anti Money Laundering Conference this week (30th April 2013) and approached me to be one of the guest speakers.

canada flag

The Private Sector are waking up to the real problem of Human Trafficking and how Anti Money Laundering legislation can apply to them. Trillions of dollars are being laundered every year and I suspect Human Trafficking Organised Criminal Networks are floating beneath the radar.

Kevin Doherty, AVP Global Anti Money Laundering, TD Wealth International was the person with the vision to include Human Trafficking on the agenda. I hope I didn’t let him down!

My presentation to the great and good of TD Group was “Is Human Trafficking  Anything to do with Us?

Well is it?

TD Group has 85,000 employees and have just taken part in JP Morgan Chase  roundtable that brought together major financial institutions and law enforcement agencies to discuss closer cooperation in the fight against human trafficking. There were eight major banks there.

Just to prove that this wasn’t a flash in the pan they are meeting again in July 2013.

My pitch to TD Bank was you can make a difference. You have 85,000 ways to make a difference!!

This is my pitch to every single person I speak to about Human Trafficking. I tried to personalise the problem. It isn’t just something The Police and significant others have to deal with…like guns and drugs!

It is something that touches all of us every day!

In a week where a tragedy has occurred in Bangladesh, hundreds of low paid workers died in a sweat shop. Companies that used the services of the owners of this place are attempting damage limitation.

Were these people being exploited?

If this had happened in the UK or USA what would have been the reaction?

How will companies that employed the services of these unscrupulous persons survive the fall out?

I believe TD Group and companies like this are the answer.

They, like those in gBCAT (Global Businesses Coalition AgainsT Human Trafficking) need to join together.

Just like ‘Fair Trade’ has changed the face of Coffee and Chocolate, major companies who have a vision to change the work place for the better are stepping up.

Is it anything to do with us? IT IS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH US. It has to be!


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