Westminster Action Plan? Not even Half Baked.

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

I recently posted a blog about Kensington and Chelsea Council working with the Metropolitan Police. The blog was called ‘Half Baked’.

I then sent an Email to the Council. Well ‘Surprise Surprise’ I have received a reply. Llewellyn, Roddy Trafficking 11.04.13.doc

Please read the letter. It states that they are looking to set up best practice models. It is Funded by The EU and intends to produce a model of Victim Identification, Rescue, Support and Reintegration in London.

A lofty ambition indeed as it only intends to concentrate on Lithuanian and Italian Victims!

I asked when this model was going to be produced and I was told by Tony Bonnici, Senior Media Officer, Communications and Strategy
Westminster City Council
17th Floor
City Hall
64 Victoria Street
London SW1E 6QP

to put in a ‘Freedom Of Information Act’ request.

The letter says that the programme of work is founded upon learning, sharing of best practice and creating a range of tools.

It appears that if you want to see any of these you have to put in a FOI request!

The letter also says they are unable to tell me the results of any of their joint activities with the Police as the police handle those matters. I am amazed that they entered into a program not knowing what their successes were supposed to be!

If they haven’t got details how can they say the operations were successful?

I think ‘Half-Baked’ is not the only thing that is going on here. It is another example of ‘fund seeking without accountability’.

Similar to the monies given to The Police (SCD9) to combat Human Trafficking around the Olympics. The same money that The Mayor of London stated was poorly spent. Spent on Brothel visits!!! £600,000.

The original Press Release said:-

“This two-year programme funds specialist anti-trafficking police officers and charities to tackle this issue at source and equip those vulnerable of being trafficked with the skills to resist, as well as giving victims the support they need to escape this cycle of abuse.”

I hope they tell us what they have done! The Metropolitan Police specialist anti trafficking unit was closed down in 2010!!


I’m still waiting for the current unit, formerly the ‘Clubs and Vice Unit’, to announce any decent results three years on.


One response to “Westminster Action Plan? Not even Half Baked.

  1. Why is it that no one in government ever wants to give a real answer? This is a rhetorical question; It’s upsetting because you shouldn’t get this type of answer when so many lives are at stake. 27 million people in slavery.

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