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Greetings from The Slave Detective,

Several months ago I posted a couple of articles that looked at The Traffickers. There was also a great film by Ross Kemp where he interviewed a trafficker.

Today I read about a case in a City I have spent quite a lot of time giving lectures. Atlanta.

Darryl Curry will face sentencing after he was found guilty of human trafficking and sexual exploitation of children.

He gave evidence in his trail stating he was a ” ‘finesse pimp’ – one who cares for the women who work for him”.

This was his ‘defence’. He honestly believed this was the case. But when you read the original story it is clear he was exploiting very young women for his own purpose.

I have come across this before in cases. Operation BACTRIAN was one such case featuring a person called Ali ARSLAN. He is now serving 12yrs for his part in a trafficking ring. The victims even said he was the nice one of the gang!

Often a control strategy for Traffickers is the tag line that they were only ‘Helping’ less fortunate persons than themselves.

There was recently a case where farm workers from Slovakia were recruited by persons using the internet to work in the UK picking leaks. The initial package looked great, a house, transportation to work and good pay. The reality was the premises used were condemned, the vehicles used to transport were uninsured and not road worthy and the workers had to ‘graft’ for 20hrs a day to earn anything close to a living wage. They were being exploited beyond belief.

What they had left behind wasn’t much better!

There is also a horrid story of a young man who thought it was acceptable to ‘tattoo’ his property on their eyelids!

What sort of a delusional person thinks that this is acceptable behaviour?

Is education the key to these people or punishment?

Is it society which is at fault here?

I don’t have the answers. I just can’t accept that they honestly believe this is RIGHT!






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