Update on Brazil

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

I recently posted a blog on where the next focus on Human Trafficking should already be. It followed on from a question from The IHRG (International Human Rights Group) posed to me on their podcast.

So I like to keep one eye there.

Brazil Games

This recent news article shows that Brazil is taking this problem seriously. The Government have put in place new measures to combat human trafficking, including tighter border controls and a clampdown on organ trade and the recruitment of slave labour.

Under their current law, only human trafficking for sex exploitation can be convicted, while such crimes as domestic or slave labour, children adoption and human-organ selling go unpunished.

The Brazilian Government wants to change the fact that from 2005 – 2011 a total of 381 people were charged with human trafficking, with only half receiving jail terms.

I hope they want to send out a strong message?

What I also find interesting is the new routes that traffickers will take to ‘ship’ their cargo’s in.

This article points to data from the justice ministry that indicated that most of their cases were in Suriname, a neighbouring country used as a transit point for trafficking into the Netherlands. The Netherlands is of course one country where Prostitution is legal.

Why would they need to Traffick persons there?

If Prostitution is legal surely Dutch women would be rushing to the job?

This is a question that could publish a book!

If you want to see Human Trafficking News near you take a look at this link:-



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