The Dutch Turn Up The Heat

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

I have mentioned The Dutch a few times recently.

I’m pleased to see that they have proposed to increase the maximum prison sentence for human trafficking from 8 to 12 years. The act will be effective as of 1 April 2013.


In addition, the prison sentence for those who professionally or habitually employ illegal immigrants is to be increased. The maximum is to be increased from three to four years. This will make extra detection powers available, which will in turn make it easier to tackle this crime.

One of the comments about the Dutch Independent National Rapporteur caught my eye recently though. This is the person who has been overseeing The Dutch Response to Trafficking.

“The National Rapporteur was appointed due to her anti-prostitution activism, sponsored by anti-prostitution activist groups, by an anti-prostitution activist prime minister. She has gone on record stating that “we don’t need prostitution. It doesn’t need to exist.” and “I find limiting the freedoms of sex workers nowhere near as important as a single case of trafficking.” I think you may be overstating her independent take.”

The Comment on Feminist Ire is about The Dutch Model is made by Zondares. She goes on to say.

“I really appreciate your inquisitive take on things. I’m a prostitute in the Netherlands, and my view on things is very different than most people’s. Sex slavery in the Netherlands does occur, although from my perspective less than in our surrounding countries. The biggest problem we have is in the Dutch definition of trafficking, which is phrased to include EVERY person who crosses a border with ANY assistance or advice from ANYONE else and performs any kind of prostitution. This includes perforce all foreign sex workers.

Also, every woman caught prostituting can choose between getting a very hefty fine for evasion of taxes and permit requirements, or make a statement that they were trafficked, in which case there is no fine, but a guaranteed temporary residence permit and a small government stipend for the duration of the investigation into the claim. In case of false claims there is no consequence, instituted by policy in order not to scare off more “victims”. Do you see where the figures come from?”

It seems again to miss the point though. Surely (and don’t call me Shirley) even one Trafficked Victim is one too many?

Zondares does have her own blog, mostly in Dutch. She has thought written one in English which is quite interesting and goes some way to something I agree with.

She states she is a Prostitute working in Holland. It is an interesting read.

There are many persons banding around huge figures in the trafficking world that have little substance. Some of these figures are self-defeating and ‘playing the numbers game’. I refuse to play this game. Or do I? I have quoted Gov’ figures before but try to give an even-handed account of what I have seen.

Zondares agrees that there are trafficked women in Holland. They are bad for her business and wants it stopped.

There are lots of persons exploited by those with low moral standards. That will most likely never change. What can change is the message that those who are exploited will be assisted.

I hope that is why ‘The Dutch have turned up  the heat?’


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