Half Baked?

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

I read with interest that a new initiative has been launched by Kensington and Chelsea Council in London to assist Human Trafficking Victims.

K and C story

The idea is to provide assistance to victims of Human Trafficking  and will work with organisations in Italy and Lithuania to raise awareness among
vulnerable people and to provide victim support.

I would love to speak to the persons involved with this to establish exactly what they are seeking to achieve?

This is a very poorly written article which states :-

“Although there is currently no official figure for the number of victims trafficked into the country each year, in 2012 the Metropolitan Police Trafficked Victims Unit dealt with 147 victims and undertook 91 operations.”

What were the results of these operations?

How many persons were convicted of Human Trafficking Offences?

Tell us how this money is being used to support a well run operation.

According to recently released figures only 8 persons were convicted in The UK for Human Trafficking cases, last year?

What is happening?

The article goes on to say:-

“The council, which has contributed £52,000, said a recent investigation into a Russian and European-based organised criminal network resulted in the rescue of 13 young, vulnerable Eastern European victims from premises in Kensington, Chelsea and Queensway.”

What happened in this case?

Is this once again a case that is being labeled Human Trafficking but not being investigated as Human Trafficking?

So I dug out the source of the story. It is an article written by Camilla Horrox at the Kensington & Chelsea Chronicle.

This does publish some names but once again the Police are conspicuous by their lack of involvement other than to be given funding from this pot.

I have written a letter to Westminster City Council’s Cabinet Member for Community Protection and Premises, Councillor Nickie Aiken who is quoted in this article.

Many years ago (the old boy is blahing again) I approached all the Embassies in Kensington and Chelsea Borough area and other area’s (K&G have quite a lot in their Borough) to seek co-operation if Victims presented themselves for help. I gave specific criteria so even those who were not specifically seeking help as Trafficking Victims might be identified.

This was a very successful strategy. When the Human Trafficking Team was closed it was considered not a good idea to continue with this policy.

I was never consulted on any of our strategies or techniques. I only ran the unit for 4 years!

Indeed I had several complaints that The Police had gone back to their old ways, ignoring requests for assistance.

So it is with some surprise I read:-

“As human trafficking is a transnational issue, the project will also work with all EU embassies located within Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster in order to improve consular support to victims and prevent the re-trafficking of repatriated victims back to the UK or elsewhere in the EU”

Has the wheel been re-invented?

I am all for making sure every Human Trafficking avenue is explored but why are we continuing to allow Half Baked investigations and ‘Merry Go Round’ policies /tactics?

Isn’t about time we saw the fruit of The Metropolitan Police decision to create a 100 strong (reduced to 60…reduced to 40) Human Exploitation Unit to replace the bespoke Human Trafficking Team which was praised by all.

This is playing lip service to ‘Investigation’.

If The Metropolitan Police are having lots of success, then their press officer needs to get a grip and let the world know. I am sick of this type of spin and half story.


2 responses to “Half Baked?

  1. You do a hard job great. Human trafficking is one of the plagues of our times. Most people are either afraid or is against their interest to take a stand on this matter.

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