What are peoples perception of Human Trafficking?

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

Those of you that follow this page regularly will know that I like to read a variety of opinions in relation to this subject.

It is good to have a broad spectrum of opinion as it helps to keep me focused on what I aim to achieve.

THB needs you

If he do not have a healthy debate it will not help you know what you are looking to achieve and you may wonder off with those others that put blinkers on and shut themselves off with their own opinions and those who are like-minded.

I never want to be a single-minded extremist in any direction!

I recently read this blog from “Kids Prefer Cheese” who asked the question ‘Pimps are Sex Offenders?’

I posted the Blog on Human Trafficking Global News Feed to invite comments on his blog. Within 27 minutes 65 people had done just that!

So what was “Cheeses” point of view?

He was commenting on proposed legislation, making persons convicted of Human Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation be placed on the sex offenders register in the USA. He says:-

“Now, a pimp is not a sex offender.  A pimp is not even a “human trafficker.”  A pimp is someone who provides brokerage and protective services to prostitutes.  And prostitutes are people who voluntarily sell their services in the sex industry.  For Goolsby to say, “If someone enslaves another human being…” and then apply that to pimps, is outrageous.

It is true enough that some pimps take advantage of the fact that prostitutes have a very weak position before the law.  But the solution to THAT is to legalize prostitution, so that prostitutes can ply their perfectly honorable trade indoors, with medical care and safe clean surroundings.  The institution of the pimp only exists because we make prostitution illegal.  It is bizarre to then claim that pimps enslave women.  The STATE enslaves women.”

I felt the need to attempt to educate him in what Human Trafficking really is? The great thing is he is (if it is a he…I’m sure it is) fully entitled to his view.

It creates debate. He has many readers on his blog. Hopefully they will be educated too?

I’d like them to read ‘The Secret Diary of a Call Girl” or  maybe even read one of my victims diary on this page! The Actual Diary of Op SHAWM victim.

This of course is only one persons opinion.

There are many that think legalizing Prostitution is a solution to Human Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation. I for one do not think it is the answer.

I also strongly believe that if a woman wishes to sell her body to a man for sexual pleasure then that also is her right.

I wouldn’t be in the line to give her money but I believe that if that is the way someone wishes to ply their trade, FOR THEMSELVES, then I doubt if anyone would get in their way.

There are then those like ‘Cheese’ that thinks a pimp would protect this woman!

There are no simple answers to these questions as the world is a huge place with many beliefs and ‘ways’. What I can not accept that any person should be a sex slave.

If a person wants to exploit a woman for his or her gain then the sex offenders register is the least of the problems that is coming their way!!

I haven’t had a reply from “Cheese” yet to my post. I’d be happy to hear his thoughts. Hopefully I’m not the lone voice posting on his page!

So I’ve attacked the Dutch model on Human Trafficking. There are those who believe this is a good Model.

The Bog Page Feminist Ire written by Wendy Lyon has a very different view.

In ‘Sex Trafficking in the Netherlands. Should we believe the hype? Wendy states the reason why Netherlands has more Human Traffick victims is  ” the numbers aren’t actually increasing, we’re just finding more of them.”

Well that’s all right then if ‘they’ were always there and just more of ‘Them’ record their plight.

Wendy puts a very good case across but then comments on The Swedish Model.

“We’re left with figures that suggest a sex trafficking rate in the Netherlands around 5.5 times greater than the rate in Sweden. According to Googled World Bank statistics, the Netherlands’ population is around 1.75 times greater than Sweden’s, making the Dutch rate disproportionate by a factor of 3.75 – you’d expect the Dutch police to report 127.5 cases of sex trafficking rather than 189. So that’s 61.5 cases in 2009 that can’t be accounted for by the population difference alone. I can think of several possible reasons for this extra 61.5 that have nothing to do with the legal status of prostitution (other things that make the Netherlands a more attractive destination country, like its location and climate; or the much broader definition of “trafficker” in Dutch law; or operational differences in Dutch and Swedish police approaches to trafficking), but we really are in the realm of pure speculation at this point.”

So there you have it. The fact that there were only 35 victims is really because the Swedish Police have ignored the problem whilst the huge number of victims in Holland are because it is easier to report. With Prostitution being unlawful in Sweden this may very well be the case. I doubt it!

I shall continue to read different opinions and perceptions. It re-enforces mine. 


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