Collaboration Needed to to Combat Human Trafficking From Nigeria

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) in the UK have published this recent report calling for greater Collaboration in relation to Trafficking from Nigeria. This was supported by this article in the AllAfrica Press.

Stop African

When I established up the Human Trafficking Team back in 2006, EAVES Housing, better known as The POPPY PROJECT, told me that 90% of all their clients were from Nigeria.

As I have stated previously no one had prosecuted a Human Trafficking case from Nigeria in The UK.

Along came Det. Constable Andy DESMOND and with a lot of very hard work he cracked one case and assisted Kent Police with another. Two cases do not sound many. Both suspects got 20yrs Imprisonment.

They were huge cases both in size of investigation and ground breaking techniques. The Kent case is still uncovering victims, I was chatting to one of the investigation team only this week.

One of the big things we noticed during this investigation was that few believed the victims. The way he cracked the case was with greater collaboration, speaking to NAPTIP, every African NGO he could find and The Nigerian Embassy in London.

So this report is absolutely correct but not really ground breaking news. All cases of Human Trafficking need greater collaboration with various agencies. It is the only way forward to crack this problem.

Andy is now The Director of Anti Trafficking Consultants looking to assist victims of trafficking from Africa and point various agencies in the right direction.

So read the report and the article in the AllAfrica Press. I believe there is a hunger for agencies to collaborate. They just have to get it together and trust one another to do the best job that they can.




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