A Refreshed Approach

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

It is good to see The Philippines thinking outside ‘The Box’.

Overseas Filipino workers in Hong Kong will get a briefing from Hong Kong police on human trafficking and other issues affecting them at a forum scheduled Jan. 13.

The forum is organized by the Philippine Consulate General and will be held at the Consulate General premises. This sort of joined up thinking should be replicated everywhere.


At the risk of harping on about ‘The Good Ole Days’, when I ran the Human Trafficking Team, this was something we strived to establish. Some of our best case results came because of the close working relationship we had with several Embassies in London.

Where else would you seek shelter if you had escaped your traffickers, lost your papers and were looking to get home?

It was no co-incidence either that traffickers were also captured hanging around the Embassy to get their ‘Property’ back first.

Sadly the current Human Trafficking Investigators in London don’t see this as a very good idea!

The Philippine Information Agency are also striving to raise awareness in their home country with this recent publication. It is a small step in the right direction with many other small steps but awareness is the key.

Lastly on awareness I posted another article on a subject not often discussed.

I posted this link on The facebook page Human Trafficking Global News Feed.

It immediately attracted over 140 ‘reads’.

Most likely the shocking picture that accompanied it drew their attention.


Don’t let the issue of Organ Harvesting sneak up on us. This is a very real problem, it is out there and it is too shocking for words.





One response to “A Refreshed Approach

  1. Reblogged this on Dying to Bear Fruit and commented:
    Yes, I’m an organ transplant recipient. But this is just repulsive. And wrong. Very, very wrong.

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