Where a Government Knows Better

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

My last blog was about freedom of speech.

I had watched ‘The Lives of Others’ about how the Government imposed themselves upon their ‘People’. I moved me to write exactly how I felt.


We also HAVE TO have our Government and we have to have rules. Of course it is all about realistic proportionality. Isn’t it?

I was out with friends this evening (yes I do have some) after a particularly difficult start to my week, and religion popped up as a conversation.

Religion is like politics. It always raises the tempo of a conversation and is a topic that few ever agree on. That doesn’t mean we have to ‘fall out’ over these topics. Which religion is ‘Right’?

Which is ‘The True Word?’ How many people are turned off just by the mention of it. That is an emotional reaction in itself which belies a sensitive topic.

My family follows the Catholic Faith. I went to a catholic school. Yet it troubles me greatly how this faith has treated my mother because she was divorced at a young age (with two young children who were no doubt a handful!)

Maybe I am revealing too much of myself here and loosing you? Stick with me..this blog isn’t about religion!!!!!

I also troubles me greatly how religion divides friends and neighbours to a point of destruction in the name of faith…just because there is a difference of opinion.

When we look at Religion the basis of each faith is the rules of life to do good. I’m no theologists but good over evil must be a good way to follow your life. The basis of religions also mirror Government in the fact it exerts control over its ‘People’.

Freedom of speech means we should respect the opinions of others and, just because we don’t agree with them it doesn’t mean they are wrong. Or that we are right.

That is debate in its best fashion. An open, fearless discussion on opinion.

Also people who you agree with, shared idea’s, doesn’t mean you can not challenge or be fearful of saying what you believe.

This is fine as long as it isn’t designed to be offensive. If we all thought the same thing then we would all be ‘Grey’

Fortunately we are a ‘Rainbow of Opinion’.

So where am I going with this?

My very good friends at The IHRG regularly Podcast and Blog. Their views spark debate and discussion, which I love. I don’t always agree with their thought…..I’m sure they will be amazed at that!!!

This blog is sparked by an IHRG Podcast. When Sex Trafficking Becomes “Okay”

So much of what Joel Thornton and Eric Dye say in this Podcast I agree with.

Do we live in a society where The Government knows better?

Do they change the meaning of our words?

SPIN appears to rule Government. Money dictates what our politicians debate or avoid. The price of being elected is beholden to the funders.

The IHRG podcast asks ‘are Government’s working in deciding what a culture or people do?’  They of course decide what is right and what is wrong.

The case raised is that of The German Government. For the 2006 Football World Cup (a game where you kick the ball with your feet!) the German Government brought in prostitutes from other countries because they ‘knew’ there was not enough sex workers to meet the expected demand.

Thanks Germany

Prostitution is legal in Germany! But the thought of the German Government promoting the idea Human Trafficking being accepting by flying in prostitutes from other countries to meet the expected demand, begs the question!

Were they promoting participating or encouraging Human Trafficking?

In the UK section 57 of The Sexual Offences Act covers Human Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation, into the UK.

Under section 57(1) a person commits an offence if he intentionally arranges or facilitates the arrival in or the entry into the United Kingdom of another person (B) and either:

a) he intends to do anything to or in respect of B, after B’s arrival but in any part of the world, which if done will involve the commission of a relevant offence, (Controlling Prostitution being one)

or b) he believes that another person is likely to do something to or in respect of B, after B’s arrival but in any part of the world, which if done will involve the commission of a relevant offence.(Any Sexual Offence)

This basically means that if you bring any person into the UK intending to commit any sexual offence against them then you commit Human Trafficking.

Many Countries, in line with The UN, have similar style offences.

This brings them into line with International Law and in line with The TIP Report which grades Countries and States giving a clear and honest assessment of where all of Countries are making progress on commitments to Trafficking and where they are either standing still or even sliding backwards.

In the TIP Report, the Department of State places each country onto one of three tiers based on the extent of their governments’ efforts to comply with the “minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking”.

So by legalising Prostitution and then bringing in Sex Workers were Germany creating a legitimate market for Human Trafficking?

Even if you ‘Volunteer’ to travel to the UK to be a prostitute Traffickers are committing the offence because they facilitates the arrival into The UK.

Children can not, of course, EVER volunteer to do such a thing.

Has the legalising of prostitution made matters more complicated by helping people to be enslaved in a debt bondage even if they (unlikely) are being assisted to achieve a life long ambition to become a prostitute.

I did say however that I don’t always agree with the IHRG’s thought’s.

So what about legalising prostitution allows persons to legally participate in sex outside of marriage?

Is sex outside of marriage morally repugnant and on the same level as Human Trafficking and violating the eternal rules of God?

Do you ‘Have to be’ married to ensure a loving relationship?

I think this argument detracts from the heart of the issue.

I agree that in prostitution there isn’t a sacred vow to one another. It is a business deal often controlled and for the benefit of others.

I believe that maybe the participation in prostitution is a moral violation of a loving relationship. There is not reciprocated love involved there!

I’m far more focused, though, about protecting the rights of victims of Human Trafficking than entering into a debate that, unnecessarily deflects from this issue. …… In my opinion!

Fortunately freedom has allowed me that opinion.

I hope it is an opinion that assists in a lively debate that ends in a better place.


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