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Greetings from The Slave Detective,

Well an interesting week here in London.

I once again teamed up with my old friend Andy Desmond to conduct an interview with a potentially trafficked person. Six hours later we had the full story of our survivor…the hard work is now compiling a report of our findings and I feel for the poor soul who has to transcribe our ‘unlocking’ of this chap.

More of that in the future, but it was good to get my teeth back into investigating trafficking again.

Of course working with Andy meant that we had to discuss his favourite topic. He has become such an authority on JU JU in West African Trafficking that it is a pleasure to gain more knowledge from him.

Andy is now a recognised UNODC expert in his field and recently delivered training on behalf of the UN in the Middle East through his company ATC. Interesting times.

We are hoping that a project we have planned, delivering training to Nigerian Law Enforcement through ‘HumIn2T‘, our gathering of experts from around the world, will come together soon. (The web page is being constructed as we speak).

Another expert in this field is Elizabeth Willmott Harrop. If you click on her name it will take you to her Liberty and Humanity page.

On there is her recent interview with The BBC in October and one with a South African radio in September.

She certainly knows her stuff in the field of African trafficking and her article Adopting from Africa, Saving the Children? is also very enlightening.

I will be following her page with interest.

Of course I continue to be amazed at exactly how many news articles there are about the topic of Human Trafficking. I am a regular contributor to The Human Trafficking Global News facebook page.

I have also loved the recent podcasts from The IHRG and my good friend Joel Thornton, who I have mentioned many times. (Search my page for other hits on him and links to the work The IHRG does.

I particularly enjoyed the podcast on Women from Greece Migrating to Italy as Prostitutes and The Value of a Slave Today Versus 1809.

Both I feel link into work that Andy Desmond and Elizabeth Wilmot Harrop have been doing.

In 1809 many of the Slaves were from Africa, brought to Foreign climes to be exploited. The putting of a price on a human life and the devaluing of human life. It still goes on today in 2011, 200 years later and it will still go on while we accept it as allowable.

In 2006-2010 many of the African victims, we came across on the Human Trafficking team, were being sent onwards to Italy for the Sexual Services Market.

In the Anthony Harrison Ju Ju case the victims were on their way to Italy for this very reason whilst controlled by Ju Ju.

This all fits neatly in with an article in the ‘Voice of America’ that states ‘Nigerian Sex Trafficking Victims Abandoned’. The victim here also ended up in Italy.

The article looks at JuJu and organisations in Nigeria looking to assist victims who have returned to Nigeria.

It ends with the chilling quote

“Desperation from abject poverty drives all forms of human trafficking in Nigeria.  Young people knowingly risk their lives and freedom to find a better life because they feel they have nothing to lose.”

It seems I am surrounded by some very special people.

It was also a week when we said goodbye to Christine Beddoe the Champion of ECPAT.

Christine is leaving our shores to return to Australia and leaves ECPAT. We have run into each other many times and it was an honour for me to be invited to say goodbye (for now I hope). Her efforts have been Herculean and ECPAT is a better organisation for having her at the helm. I wish her well.

ECPAT also had a link to a great little film featuring African Trafficking. It is a short film and well worth a watch.

Watch this space!!


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