In USA there is one way you can help!

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

One of the questions I am often asked is “what can I do to stop Human Trafficking?”

Most persons think that they are powerless to actually take action. After all it is a Policing Problem isn’t it?

Of course that isn’t the case. There are many ways that all of us can make an impact.

I have recently come across a great idea by the NGO “Not For Sale”

They have a map of North America that shows reported cases of Human Trafficking. At a glance you can see recent cases of Trafficking in The USA and Canada. It encourages persons to map documented cases.

It does actually zoom out to the rest of the world!

Don’t be fooled though. This isn’t saying that Human Trafficking is worse in say San Francisco or Atlanta. This, I think, highlights that these area’s recognise the problem and are bold enough to deal with them.

As a Human Trafficking Detective I dealt with many cases from Hungary and very few from Nigeria. This was because the authorities in Hungary actively sought to help encourage victims and investigations. Victims from the African states were filling the NGO’s safe houses but no victims came forward.

So treat this map as an awareness tool and not an actual gage of the problem. Zoom into your area and help ‘Not For Sale’ update their map.

These cases that have all come from details that have been in a press release. It helps you know what the Police and Authorities are doing in your area.

You can zoom right in to your local area and actually read the news article. Very clever.

Those of us who survive outside the USA can also join in. Zoom the map out and look at your area!


Let ‘s help populate this tool.

This isn’t the only way you can actively get involved. There are many many ways. Some very good ones are :-

Stop The Traffik have many ideas. Especially Community Action Groups.

Fair Trade is also something where we can all make a difference.

Take a look at what you can do in your area even if it is talking about the issue during your coffee break. (My friends all know how much I love coffee…..not!)




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