Sliding Doors. Life Choices

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

Have you ever considered how your life might be different if you had taken an alternative path or not spoken to someone.

Who would have thought I would have a large number of people from India and Mexico (welcome readers) regularly looking at my blog?

As I have blogged; I have just returned from The USA. How did that happen? What sliding door moment led me almost 5,000 miles to talk about Human Trafficking?

This all came about back in 2009 when I picked up a telephone and spoke to Colonel Ron Pettite who was arranging a Human Trafficking Conference in Tennessee, USA.

That has led me to meet The Chief of Staff from The Department of Education in Georgia, Joel Thornton, who also happens to be a Human Rights supporter and regularly podcasts for the IHRG. Both of whom I have done lots of awareness raising with.

I have now just spent (another) week lecturing in Georgia and Tennessee to mixed audiences and even a slot on Channel 3 News there. Famous for five minutes!

So on my flight home I was sat next to a lady who, it turns out, is involved in raising awareness in Minnesota.

Every three months they have staged a film show featuring a Human Trafficking theme. Each time the numbers attending have grown. It is a great way to raise awareness in a State that is ranked 13th of the 50 states for the number of slaves it harbours.

This conversation made me consider what would have happened if Victims had chosen differently. They had heard about trafficking before they were ensnared.

The Metropolitan Police, who I proudly served with for over 31 yrs, was established in 1829.

When it was established Sir Richard Mayne, the then Commissioner, wrote:-

“The Primary Object of an efficient Police is the Prevention of Crime: the next that of the detection and punishment of offenders when a crime is committed. It is to these ends all Police efforts MUST be directed.”

So how many persons are prevented from being victims by people speak to each other. Interpol and Europol have spent a lot of time and effort looking ‘Up Stream’ at the problem and running advertising campaigns in Source Countries warning of the dangers of Human Trafficking.

“If an offer is too good to be true, then it is too good to be true!”

So a key to prevention is talking about Trafficking. Everything from Fair Trade, Forced labour to trafficking for Sexual Exploitation. Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation, if appropriate, you never know where it may lead you!!

Who knows whom I may be sat next to tomorrow?

Just as well I’m a shy retiring chap!




2 responses to “Sliding Doors. Life Choices

  1. Of all the seats, on all the planes…
    It may seem like small choices and random circumstances, but I don’t believe in coincidence. Each incident, when considered individually, may seem like chance, but when you look at them all together – a clear path is revealed. The trick is to see that path in the present, rather than looking back. God’s heart has always been with the poor, broken hearted and down trodden. Jesus came to set the captives free – how much more clear could it be? You, my friend, are setting the captives free, which is not an easy path, but one that I hope will bring you to MN again sometime.

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