Greetings from The Slave Detective,

I was pleased to see this article about a recent success by the Gangmasters Licensing Authority in the UK.

The GLA was one of the agencies commended in the 2009 House of Commons, Home Affairs Committee on Human Trafficking.

The GLA are a strong-arm in preventing Human Trafficking for forced labour, taking enforcement action against those who operate illegally or who for other reasons are judged unfit to hold a license.

They prevent cases where persons are brought to the UK as cheap labour and are exploited.

The GLA came into force after the case of The Cockle Pickers in Morecambe Bay in 2004, when at least 21 persons drowned. No one was sure the true number exactly because they were illegal immigrants. The company that employed them exploited them.

Other, believed, victims of this tragedy were found washed up on the UK shores as late as 2010.

This is the same report that commended The Human Trafficking Team (that was then) as the center of excellence for law enforcement dealing with victims. It also highly praised The POPPY Project for their work in supporting trafficked victims.

So in a week where the GLA has had several big stories (like this one from Felicity Lawrence from ‘The Guardian’ and Jenny Pennington, a researcher at IPPR specialising in vulnerable migrants, equalities & human rights and homelessness,) what does the GLA have in common with The Human Trafficking Team and The POPPY Project?

Well The Human Trafficking Team was closed and replaced by a Vice Unit.

The N.G.O ‘POPPY’ had their government funding withdrawn and given to The Salvation Army, who were not experts in Human Trafficking.


Yes ,you have guessed it, The GLA are under threat from The UK Government to close.

It appears being good at what you do is a curse.

The GLA are under review in this period of austerity with a view to closing it down. I do hope that the voice of reason and many of the other NGO’s shout at those that are making this decision. STOP!

Words fail me.

It appears that this isn’t a new idea they also tried it last year.

That sounds familiar as it took two attempts to close the Human Trafficking Team!


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