Smuggler used Witchcraft to Terrify Girls into Sex Slavery

Greetings from The Slave Detecitve,

An ‘evil’ Nigerian people smuggler who used  witchcraft rituals to force terrified children to work as sex slaves has been  convicted of trafficking and rape.

Following on from Detective Constable Andy Desmond’s brilliant success with the Anthony HARRISON Ju-JU case another very good friend of mine Det Insp Eddie Fox has empowered some more victims.

He has been convicted of Human Trafficking using Ju-Ju as a control method. I hope like Harrison he receives at least 20 years imprisonment.

There is also an immigration issue attached to this case. Not for the persons he trafficked but the fact that he, himself had been subject to a deportation order in 2007.

Well done to Eddie and his team in tackling this difficult case. Kent Police have laid down a gauntlet and the more survivors see that Ju JU can be beaten the better it will be for others caught up in this wicked mind game.

Kent Police were bold in this case. They used Andy Desmond and other experts in this field to crack the case. They sought advice and guidance from others best placed to point them in the right direction.

The experienced detectives were also very patient and thorough. Unlocking the survivors of JU-JU or any form of trafficking isn’t something that can be done in one interview or one attempt at communicating with an obvious victim.

Children of the age of these victims, 13 and 14yrs, who have no family and come from area’s where the Police are feared do not readily open up to authority, especially when they have been subject to a Ju Ju ceremony.

Brilliant job Eddie. Well done to Kent Police.

I would love to see more success stories of this kind (in relation to apprehending traffickers and empowering victims).

It appears that Nigerian Newspapers are also ready to spread the message that this is not acceptable.

This article explains that European Police are stepping up their fight against Nigerian Trafficking.

I hope the message hits home


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