What happens if you’re not the ‘right kind’ of victim?

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

The UK appears to have ‘shot it’s self in the foot’ again! I came across this Blog from one of The EAVES team…. or POPPY , whom I have mentioned many times before.

They were the leading Human Trafficking NGO before the Government took away the funding and gave it to The Salvation Army. I’m still not sure why, but then who am I?

“What happens if you’re not the ‘right kind’ of victim?” brings home another aspect of Trafficking. One that has been the subject of several high-profile appeal cases in London but isn’t just happening here but everywhere. This is about cannabis factories.

In the Film ‘STOLEN’ one of the victims there came from this area. They are the ones invariably caught holding ‘the fort’, being the gardener and unable to leave the premises. More often than not they are locked in but fear is their main captor.

Eminent Barrister and award-winning human rights champion Parosha Chandran  has been running appeals on behalf of such Trafficking Survivors.

She quite rightly has been lobbying The Crown Prosecution Service to examine these cases very closely as it seems very little is being done to track down the persons who traffick ‘The Gardeners’ to run the cannabis factories. It seems it is easier to prosecute the victims?

Now I know every case is different and should be examined on its own merits. It seems though that all too often in these types of cases the victim is set free or their conviction is quashed but by then the damage is already done.

As Stacy states in her blog:-

” If you looked at the media coverage yesterday (18th Oct European Anti-trafficking Day), you would have been painted a picture of the UK winning the fight against human trafficking with victims being given the support and protection they deserve. Amidst all the coverage of policemen storming into brothels and rescuing children and women from horrible circumstances, a darker more silent story has been left untold.”

I agree with her sentiment. ‘The Kings New Clothes’ syndrome seems to be rife at the moment!! If we ignore it no one will notice!

Spin seems to be the answer rather than action.

Pam Bowen from The Crown Prosecution Service, the  policy adviser on trafficking, is very supportive and has an article stating Victims will not be treated like criminals.

I have spoken with Pam many times, she is a lovely lady and not one to ‘talk’ a good job. I have seen her in action and she does a good job and believes in what she is doing.

Just for the record I always hated seeing Police raiding trafficking victims premises in such a manner.

Low key is a much better way of getting victims on board. As Pam Bowen says:-“We are keen to drive up victimless prosecutions,” said Bowen. “We want women to provide intelligence as well as go to court because we realise going to court is too much for some of them, or they are fearful of what the traffickers will do to them or their families.”


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