Forget being ‘The Right kind of Victim’ it’s official Victims don’t matter!

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

In this era of austerity it appears that Human Trafficking investigations are the first things to go.

Most of The Worlds Governments are too busy for Human Trafficking Victims. It might be different in The USA at the moment…they have an election!

I have to admit I’m struggling to grasp how cutting back on everything is going to create a wealthier economy ….but then I was a Detective not a ‘number cruncher’. But doesn’t it work out that if everyone has less they will spend less and therefore the Government will have less?          What do I know?

I just don’t see these numbers adding up though? In 2006 The Metropolitan Police had a unit of 10 specialised Detectives costing about £600,000 a year focused on Human Trafficking. The prosecution rate rose and more victims were rescued, with more Police Officers getting first hand assistance and releasing more officers to Police other crime hence saving their time!.

In 2009 Specialist Crime Directorate 9 was launched (costing many thousands) to a huge fanfare, basically re-badging a non detective special unit looking at Vice issues to be a Human Trafficking Team. One Hundred Officers. Ten times more!! They were given an extra £600,000 to deal with the Olympic Threat.

Then reduced to sixty…still six times more…then fourty…still four times more!! Now it appears that they want to reduce it again. What they really need is dedicated Detectives (not chaps that are non detectives doing detecting work… a having a plumber doing plastering because he is in the building trade!)

So now it looks like more cuts will affect SCD9 with the only persons really being effected is the victim, already basically ignored beyond belief, now squeezed into austerity figure…we just can not afford to save you!

Poverty indeed.

So my advice to anyone thinking of being the next victim of Human Trafficking in The UK, best not become one just yet!

Most of The Worlds Governments are too busy for Human Trafficking Victims, especially UK.

Here is an idea!

Maybe we should ask our Governments to give up their children or grandchildren to raise money for our great country by trafficking them…seen as it appears acceptable to ignore victims…….

No of course this is a VERY silly idea. Hang on!

I have to be a senior figure to have a very silly idea!!





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