This Reminds Me of My Trip to Amsterdam!!

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

I saw this article today in a California Journal, and it immediately made me think of a case where I had to travel to The Netherlands to gather evidence. Operation SHAWM (I’ve written about it before) was a case where a Hungarian Organised Criminal Network, led by a female called Andra NOVAK, trafficked women into London for sexual exploitation.

One of the survivors (we rescued five ladies from this gang) had been ‘rescued’ by one of the gang members in Holland and brought to the UK. She was used has a house and sex slave for six months. Please read the case if you want to know more or Email me and I’ll post the full case.

So why did the article ‘Shaming sex customers effective against trafficking’ remind be of a Californian Newspaper Article? The case was led by Detective Constable ‘Creature’ Crean and DC Jim Cavenham and Jim and I travelled to Holland to follow the leads.

We were taken by The Dutch Police, a detective called Henk, to the red light area. While we were there we watched ‘customers’ approach and leave the ‘windows’ of the Sex Workers.

The Dutch have a well publicize legalised Prostitution policy where the Prostitutes display their wears in the windows, which are effectively a small rooms, and then pull a curtain across the window when a customer has entered.

It struck me how many men, and of course it was only men, hovered around the windows in the first instant and when leaving walked off ………… they were being chased away from the window.

‘Jim’ coined the phrase ‘The Walk of Shame’ which I felt was very appropriate. So why is it the walk of shame? Isn’t it obvious? They don’t want to be associated with where they have just been!

It was very tempting to shout to the punters ‘walk of Shame’ but I’m sure that would have got us in all sorts of bother.

Pimps or ‘Boyfriends’ of the workers would not like that!

So this article hist the nail right on the head. Would the healthy young men, upright members of the community and general male member of the public be doing this if they thought their picture might be published?

I then started thinking about the possible ramifications of the actions taken in this article. Those that had nothing to hide wouldn’t care if their faces or the registration numbers of their cars were shown outside ‘brothels’. But those who did have something to hide could stop any ‘grief’ brought on by this publicity by just NOT Going In.

Can I just make it clear.

I have nothing against people who work as Prostitutes, male or female, if that is their chosen profession, you know the dangers of it and you accept them. If you are keeping all of your earnings and declaring them to the Tax Man (yeah I maybe going to far there!!) then so be it.

I object to vulnerable people being exploited, especially for sexual exploitation and  so………….. may start-up my own SHAME page!!

What do you think?


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