Greetings from The Slave Detective,

So my Post ‘Who is Dealing?‘ is answered today by Detective Inspector Kevin Hyland from the Metropolitan Police. Human Trafficking is Officially on The Increase.

The UK today announced how many trafficked victims have been identified as victims.

One of our RED TOP Newspapers opening line was:-

“Victims trafficked into the UK for the sex trade or as slave labour have soared by a Third in a year, a shock new report reveals today.” The BBC link shows a graph of how many victims were identified by The National referral System or NRM. It shows Nigerian Victims were the by far the most recognised victims.

Around 946 people were brought in last year — 234 of them children, official figures suggest.

That was up from 710 in 2010.

But experts said the statistics were just the “tip of the iceberg”.

So if Trafficking is on the increase why have convictions fallen? I reported that there were EIGHT in 2011.

Kevin Hyland reported that ” 142 defendants were charged with offences related to human trafficking in

Maybe it is because this is the mind-set:-

‘Immigration minister Mark Harper said the results demonstrated UK professionals were getting better at “spotting” the crime due to “cross-government” cooperation.

“We’re doing a better job of cracking down people involved in the vile trade,” he told BBC Radio 5 Live.

But the number of those prosecuted was “not enough,” he said.

“One of the things we do is to prosecute people for the most serious offences we can, and sometimes that’s not a trafficking offence.”

It is true victims needs should be the primary concern for an effective trafficking strategy. But this strategy is relying on ‘On Line training, designed by people who have never investigated a Human Trafficking Offence.  Metropolitan Police Recruits, who are soon to become the front line Police meeting these victims, have not had a constructive input designed into their training, given to them by ‘Experts’ who know how to deal with this problem.

Between 2006 and 2009 we visited every single Police Recruit who joined the Metropolitan Police and personally explained Human Trafficking to them.

This stopped three years ago.

But it appears that “The report revealed thousands of “front-line” workers, including border staff, police and healthcare workers, have been trained to better identify, support and protect victims over the past two years.”

Well I know that isn’t the case in The Metropolitan Police. Even The Detective Training School doesn’t have a set program to deal with this Serious Organised Criminal Activity.

Do the experts get invitations to help?

The POPPY Project would love to give an input into Police Training. Retired Detective Andy DESMOND is a world recognised expert in Nigerian Trafficking Victims. The Metropolitan Police should know him! He cracked the Anthony Harrison ‘witchcraft/JU JU case.

Retired Detective Inspector Stephen WILKINSON trained ‘The Experts’ at The UN. He ran the successful Human Trafficking Team which Convicted for Human Trafficking Offences and sentenced criminals to over 240yrs imprisonment. You would thing they would ask there for advice and guidance?

I have to say I was also a tad disappointed that in the articles to promote European Anti- Trafficking Day on this day, 18th October 2012, There was very little mention from Police of ‘support for victims’ and of the great work that NGO’s do. It has to be a huge joint effort to tackle this problem.

Finally, each country is responsible for their own response to dealing with Human Trafficking. The USA looks to engage with those who can best assist them, as do many other forward thinking Countries.

I read many reports of arrests and convictions in The USA for Human Trafficking Offences. Every day it pleases me to read good news stories how victims have been empowered by Law Enforcement. I’m sure this also helps survivors to come forward

It isn’t always the  wishes of victims to assist prosecutions but survivors deserve the right to freedom as do their ‘brothers and sisters’ from countries where they are recruited.

Oh…one last thing….. What happened to the great case of prevention in the Organ Harvesting Case, mentioned in passing in the article?

Are they still free to attempt it again? I’d like to know where to avoid them!!!


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