Can Anyone Tell Me Who is Dealing?

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

I do like to read! Contrary to what many may believe.

It is a year ago this week that I last protected the public of London Town! I retired from The Metropolitan Police after 31 years. I’m very proud to have been associated with this organisation.

I’m still reading about Human Trafficking Issues every day.

On the 18th October 2012 it is EUROPEAN ANTI-TRAFFICKING DAY: TIME FOR ACTION! A day where leading NGO’s urge Member States to act and propose specific actions for implementation. More of this later.

For some reason in my final years my loyalty to The Met was being questioned by the greater good. When The Human Trafficking Team was being closed by those that pretended to know better, I believed that it was a bad day for Trafficking Law Enforcement in London.

I was never though, disloyal, but only the stupid don’t question something they think is very wrong. I’m sure through history some stood by without questioning ‘WHY’. It was a defence used during the Nuremberg Trials wasn’t it?

Clubs and Vice in The Metropolitan Police had a proud tradition of dealing with Vice and, like my honest praise to the Dutch Vice Police, I believe they did a great job. They did have Pedigree in their field.

SCD9 was launched to a huge fanfare and grand promises to NGO’s in April 2010. They effectively re-branded ‘Clubs and Vice’ and asked them to move away from what they did best. Richard Martin was the man who made those huge promises to NGO’s and failed to deliver. He is now a Commander in The Metropolitan Police but Commanded SCD9 as a man who is only a Detective in name not in pedigree.

I have often trawled through news articles looking for successes stories generated by this unit since its inception. It is true to say it was heavily criticised by The Mayor of London’s Office in the approach to The Olympics.

I believe that some of this criticism needs to be directed at The Top of The Metropolitan Police; they neglected to recognise the threat of Human Trafficking when the Olympics was being built. It was way too late to tackle it in 2011. But in true senior management style they are not there to answer their critics. They have moved on, often promoted to hide their sins.

Whilst doing some research recently I ran across a report that has answered questions I have been asking for a while now.

Where are the prosecutions for Human Trafficking in London?

I will not accept prosecutions for Controlling Prostitution (maximum sentence 7yrs in the UK) being badged as prosecutions for Human Trafficking (maximum sentence 14yrs).

It is now there in black and white. Richard Martin needs to be called to task. He had accepted the challenge of being in charge of Human Trafficking and he must ultimately answer the question. “where are the prosecutions he promised with a unit ten times bigger than the Human Trafficking Team of 2006 – 2010?”

So lets examine the evidence published by The Home Affairs article on Human Trafficking – responses.

Home Affairs March 2012

On page 10 of the article it reads:-

“An update on the number of convictions was provided in February 2012”

Fiona Mactaggart – Member of Parliament:

To ask the Secretary of State for Justice how many convictions there were for offences related to human trafficking in each year since 2004.

Mr Blunt:

The number of defendants found guilty at all courts for human trafficking in England and Wales, from 2004 to 2010 (latest available) can be viewed in the following table.

Annual court proceedings data for 2011 are   planned for publication in May 2012.Number of defendants found guilty at all courts   for human trafficking offences, England and Wales, 2004-10.
Number found guilty
2004 None
2005 12
2006 21
2007 23
2008 24
2009 25
2010 16

Look at 2006 to 2010 a steady increase then what happens? This is a huge drop. Where are the figures for 2011 and 2012?

I did a Google search to find ANY cases reported by SCD9 in the last 12 mths. I could only find the Anthony Harrison’s case. Operation ‘QUARTZIRE’.

A case that I know very well as SCD9 made many attempts to prevent the officer who drove this case, from concluding it in the manner that he did.

The result was a conviction and sentence of 20yrs for Human Trafficking of African Victims. The first case of it’s kind in the UK.

What accolade did the Metropolitan Police SCD9 bestow on its investigating officer? What commendation did they receive? None.

It cuts no mustard to say that Human Trafficking is on the decrease or that the crime figures for this area have dropped. How can this be when every agency contradicts this?

The person who was championing SCD9 needs to show The Anti- Human Trafficking body in London exactly what they are achieving.

The report also highlights that The Salvation Army have taken over the mantle from The POPPY Project as the care provider for victims of Human Trafficking.


The POPPY Project was the lead in its field. What is it with this obsession of ridding ourselves of those best capable to deal with a problem?

The POPPY Project, The Medaille Trust and NGO’s like these were best placed to deal with this problem without an agenda.

How long will it take The Salvation Army to catch up to the POPPY Project?

Human Trafficking isn’t its core business!

Strange! The same can be said of SCD9/ Clubs and Vice.

I will happily be shot down in flames if I am way off mark, miss-informed? You don’t have to be too good at reading to see the figures from 2006 – 2009 for prosecutions of HUMAN TRAFFICKING ran in the twenties….strangely when the dedicated Human Trafficking Team were in place.

I am very happy to print SCD9’s successes but they just don’t seem to have been reported if they exist!

Oh….. and for the record The number of defendants found guilty at all courts in England and Wales in 2011 for human trafficking offences, on a principal offence basis, is eight.

See for yourself! I do like to read!

So The 18th of October 2012 is a day when Leading NGOs urge Member States to act and propose specific actions for implementation. It would be good to act in some way to increase prosecutions of offenders for this crime for this gross violation of human rights.


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