Numbers….. How Many?

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

I was listening to The Daily Podcast from my good friends at the IHRG today (yes I do listen even when they are not featuring me!!!) and smiled when they started discussing ‘numbers’ of persons trafficked.

Joel Thornton, who is the author of ‘Southern Justice’ (a book I recommend… but isn’t about Human Trafficking), Legal Eagle and long-time activist with the IHRG discusses the actual figures banded about for persons who are victims of Slavery.

This is a topic that often comes up…exactly how many slaves are in The World?

I lectured at The Cambridge Symposium last year and this was one of the subject discussed. Where do these figures actually come from?

One of the presenters, I forget his name but a huge character from a University in Devon, told us how he had ‘guesstimated’ how many persons had been trafficked in The UK, only to find his figures quotes as ‘actual figures’ fifteen years later.

When he questioned the figures quoted and traced them back he discovered they were born from his ‘guesstimate’. No one actually knows for sure how many …other than lots!

So back to Joel’s podcast. There were various figures discussed. 100 Million, 75 Million?

Then one of the figures which was predictably low was put out. ‘Some people say it is as low as 12 Million Worldwide’

12 Million?

As low as 12 million!

Imagine a wall being built around the North Orbital Motorway…The M25, around London. Each and every person inside that wall being held as a slave. That would have to include everyone who travelled into London daily!!! Or around New York AND New Jersey!

In truth it is not a number that we can really comprehend.

Then consider again that this is the LOWEST Guestimate!

The simple fact is that one person being used/exploited/sold as a slave is one too many.

The only way we can truly comprehend these persons plight is to place yourself in their shoes.

Could I cope with this being done to me? Would I protest if I was placed in the shoes (if they had them) of an exploited person?

Could I walk in their steps for just one day?

I know I couldn’t! I’m not sure I could even get close to comprehending their plight or their mind set?

So PLEASE let us not quibble too much about ‘numbers’. Instead can we focus on working as one, to stop that ‘One’ case which could have been YOU!





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