We All Have Problems with Immigration…..I know I do!!

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation seems to be high on many peoples agenda’s at the moment. This could be because there is an election looming in The USA or that it is European Anti Trafficking Day this week and persons who wish to highlight this plight turn automatically to Sex Trafficking.

But once again this week I found myself having a conversation about Op GOLF, a child trafficking operation where Roma Gypsy’s were bringing children from the ‘extended family’ to many European Countries to beg, steal, trick and claim benefits for.

The argument put to me was we were persecuting the Roma who, like they always have in their history, been economic migrants. They have also, throughout the ages, been persecuted for this.

Immigration is a difficult subject like abortion or religion….you can’t say anything without offending someone somehow.

What is the answer? The Question of Immigration for economic migrants is one that is in the forefront of many  minds in this current climate of cut backs and money saving exercises.

Both in The UK and USA, along with many other countries, the welfare system is creaking at the seams.

It was my experience that The Roma I dealt with were not coming to the UK to work! They purely came to claim benefits, often when they were not entitled to them.

I’m not pointing the finger at The Roma. They were the subject of my attention on Op GOLF.

This has a huge knock no effect! There is also the health service, education, housing market and infrastructure of the whole country.

So when The UK Government say they are going to reduce the benefits budget does this mean they are injecting funds into the investigation budget to reduce false claims and restrict other persons seeking ‘Golden Pavements’ in the UK?


I think you can good money on it that those that will suffer will be those living on the edge of poverty. Many of whom will have paid into the taxation system in their mother country and now need to be looked after.

When we look at any form of trafficking the main cause is poverty. There is poverty in your town!

Persons being exploited for whatever reason by for those that care little about their victims.

Once again this isn’t an easy subject and with that there are no easy answers. But those that have need to look after those that have not!





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