Human Trafficking: what’s it all about?

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

On the run up to European Anti-Trafficking Day on the 18th October I discovered this lovely posting by ‘Hattie’ a member of the Christian Student Movement. I love the disclaimer at the beginning. It is something that all persons who write about Human Trafficking should be made to add. (Note to self!!)

“I’m going to start with a disclaimer: issues surrounding human trafficking are complicated! I’ve been trying to write a blog post introducing the issue of human trafficking for over a week now. Every time I think I’ve got to grips with what trafficking is, or how we can work to bring it to an end, I have a conversation with someone, or read something that throws it into an entirely different light.”

Hattie if you read this I know exactly what you mean.

I was being interviewed this week about how the Police in Holland and the Police in UK differ in tactics and how we can learn from each other.

This conversation was looking at how in this week of ‘European Action’ we can lobby of legislators to strengthen Trafficking Laws and make them usable.

The two Policing styles are worlds apart. But what I wanted to say was many Police Investigations have tentacles that reach into many countries. Holland/Netherlands being one of them. Good Policing can adapt both styles to reach a successful outcome.

Can we use their tactics in the UK. Of course we can if they fall into line with the tools we have to adapt them.

The conversation just got more and more complicated and I fear that very little was contributed by me.

Certainly I don’t think we should legalise Prostitution in The UK. That would only weaken out current Human Trafficking Laws. I also think we must not be targeting the victims of Sex Trafficking but the persons who exploit persons for sexual purposes.

It is indeed a very complicated subject and that is without even looking to discuss Domestic Servitude, Forced Labour or Organ Harvesting.

Surely Organ Harvesting is a cut and dried subject? (Excuse the pun!)

Even this subject, when you begin to examine exactly what goes on is not as easy to legislate as you first thought.

What we are doing though is continually raising the issues and looking at answers. This in itself is a great platform for an end game of eradicating Slavery. Maybe in my lifetime?


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