Choices and Mindsets

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

I sometimes wonder what goes through certain people’s minds.

We currently have a situation here in The UK, in a small town in Wales where a five year old little girl has gone missing. It is a terrible thing. I hope that April JONES is found safe and well. It must be a living hell for her parents.

In Hamilton, Ontario, Canada a city with a population of 520,000 this report has come out where a couple saw a fourteen year old girl at the side of the road, offered her a ride and then forced her into prostitution and trafficked her.

Now….. I don’t know about you dear reader, but if I see a vulnerable female at the side of the road, no matter what her age, but especially if she is young, I am concerned for her welfare and want to help her.

Maybe I’m just an old softie?

So what sort of a mindset thinks “ah I’ll sexually abuse this person and exploit them?” How does that thought process start and in the case of the two Hamilton suspects, a male and a female, how would that mind set manifest it’s self into a conversation leading to such actions?

Then once again The Dublin Call Girl comes to the aid of my thought process. In her recent diary she speaks about another female victim who was raped in Australia. The tragedy of the rape and murder of Jill Meagher in Melbourne attempts to look into the mindset of the suspect and she acquaints it to her own experience when she was exploited.

I know that each person has their own thought process and many question mine!

We can make the fatal mistake of believing we understand such thoughts and actions.

What we can do is make sure that this sort of unacceptable behaviour is chased down and punished and that persons believing that they are beyond the civilised thought process suddenly start to fear their actions and the consequences that will be brought upon them.

It isn’t just about retribution and punishment it is about ‘community’ and acceptable behaviour, right from people not clearing up after their dog messes on the pavement, people throwing rubbish/trash all the way through to persons using ‘massage parlours’ and ‘Trafficking’ persons for exploitation of whatever kind.

It’s about seeing a poor persons and wanting to help them not exploit them!




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