Ties That Bind

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

I make no apology for stealing the title of this blog.

It belongs to the very lovely (I’m told) and very good researcher, Elizabeth Willmott Harrop, whom I hope to have the pleasure of meeting at this Wednesday (26th Sept) Trafficking Law and Policy Forum.

Elizabeth runs the web page Libertyandhumanity.com and has just published a research paper that I commend to you. Ties that bind: African witchcraft and contemporary slavery is a subject I have blogged on many times. The Human Trafficking Team that I was a part of worked tirelessly to secure The UK’s first conviction in this arena.

Elizabeth has used Andy Desmond as a focus for this paper which is well written and informative. I look forward to discussing it with her at the ‘Perspectives on Trafficking and Miscarriages of Justice’ meeting I will be attending.

This paper tackles the fact that in Africa, witchcraft has become inextricably linked to the trafficking in persons for exploitation. However this is not an African problem, but a problem of abuse which extends across the globe. The common factor linking witchcraft and human trafficking is the modern perversion of traditional belief systems for financial gain, at the expense of the grossest violations of human rights.




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