Minneapolis demands end to ‘Backpage’ Sex Ads

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

Whilst running the Human Trafficking Team I had the pleasure of working with the Croydon Community Against Trafficking or CCAT. One of the projects we worked together on was to target Adverts in the Newspapers for Sexual Services.

With the support of ‘Stop The Traffik’ they evidenced the content of an Ad, rang the number to be offered sexual services then a legal letter was sent to the newspaper stating it was in their opinion profiting from Prostitution and legal proceedings would be instigated if they didn’t cease this practice.

It worked and many local newspapers stopped carrying the adverts.

It was a great community action supported by The Police.

I was therefore pleased to read in the Minneapolis Startribune this article where a local newspaper was being targeted.

I have spoken about this type of positive community action previously. It is an effective way to have a positive influence on Human Trafficking in your community.

There are also a number of local web pages where sexual services are advertised using your local postcode/zip code. Again you can make a difference.

CCAT have many local members and some great legal idea’s.

They lead the way in The UK for Community Action Groups and are well worth looking up.



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