The Ju Ju Master is now ATC

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

A Web Page is launched today with particular emphasis on West African Trafficking.


This has happened in the week when The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPC) launched their report “Fit For Purpose” looking at The UK’s response to Human Trafficking.

When you read it look at point 1, the graph at figure 1 shows the top 10 nations that the UK receives referrals under the National Referal Mechanism…. The tool used by The UK to indentify and support Trafficking Victims.

Nigerian Referrals are almost double the next nationality, Chinese, and prove that this country is a problem area for the UK.

 I have been attempting to highlight this in previous postings noting that only one conviction for African Trafficking has been made. This is a really tricky area to deal with.

ATC – Anti Trafficking Consultants– has been launched by a person who used to be a Detective at New Scotland Yard and was the leading authority in The Metropolitan Police, (most likely in the whole of The UK Policing Arena) on African Trafficking.

Many persons reading my page will recognise the name Andy Desmond. He has launched this company to work with difficult victims, in particular African Victims, in an attempt to assist NGO’s and The Police unlock victims and work towards increasing prosecutions in this area.

Andy’s case took almost three years to crack. The key obviously was the length of time he spent with other officers supporting the victims and working tirelessly for them.

The user bar across the top of his page gives you several options. One of them is the stories of two of his survivors and their harrowing experiences. They alone are worth the visit.

I hope to support Andy in any way I can in this venture as I can only see good things for law enforcement, NGO’s and most importantly the persons we are working for. The Victim.

Good luck Andy


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