Greetings from The Slave Detective,

I had the very great pleasure of spending the evening with The Hungarian Police Officer who was my contact during my time on The Human Trafficking Team.

I have nothing but the highest regard for The Hungarian Authorities and in particular this chap. I won’t name him but many know who he is. Let’s refer to him as Carl.

He was my opposite number on the Hungarian Human Trafficking Team.

Hungary does have a human trafficking problem, as does every European Country in that region. The difference is that Hungary recognises they have a problem and happy to tackle it head on.

We had a large number of cases with Hungry. This wasn’t because they are the most prolific traffickers but because of the amazing persons they had at their Embassy in London who recognised trafficked persons looking for assistance better than any other Embassy or Consulate in London.

This was only half of the job though. When it came to letters of request for assistance to gather evidence in the source country, Hungry were brilliant. They had some very good dedicated Detectives who were passionate about what they did.

I could tell you many stories of the extra mile this chap went to empower survivors and assist our cases. He deserves a medal. He certainly doesn’t court one.

What I do want to speak about though is a case I wasn’t involved in.

Carl started tell me, in his excellent English, about a case he had dealt with were the victim/survivor had met her ‘man’. They were young and struggling to survive on the little money he earned. He persuaded her to sell her body for sex to support their lifestyle.

I’m very sure the conversation between them was much longer than my swift coverage of the incident. I’m sure she agonised over the decision while he gently nudged her towards his aim. But she loved him! Of course!

So she did what he said she had to do, for them to survive. Then she got pregnant.

At 6mths ‘The Boyfriend’ told her that she had to abort the pregnancy. He took her to the special clinic and there she had to be interviewed without him.

In Hungary they will not complete the procedure unless you have visited twice stating this was what you wanted. Eventually ‘The Boyfriend’ got his way and she aborted. It was at this stage she realised he was using her to finance his travels and she approached the Police.

Not a startling story I hear you say.

Nothing overly sensational or different from many other survivors accounts.

Very very sad at the loss of a life.

This isn’t the reason I’m relating this account to you.

It struck me that as Carl told the story there was a genuine tear in his eye. He was visibly moved by the encounter with this survivor. This case genuinely upset him and his passion for the case poured out in his body language. This was confirmed when he said “I of course have my little boy. He is King in my life”

It is this type of commitment to dealing with Trafficking that makes certain persons stand out in a crowd. I have been blessed to work with many Detectives like ‘Carl’.

Our children are a huge commitment in our lives and the thought of a survivor having to tell their parents their account of how they were trafficked for any reason, for domestic servitude, forced labour, organ harvesting or sexual exploitation is a heart breaking one.

I have said before:- can you imagine your son or daughter calling home.

“Mum, Dad I have this great job, with fantastic earning potential. I just have to let myself be exploited!”

No one just allows this to happen.

How many lives are touched when a trafficker targets a victim?


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