Dublin Girl ponders many questions for me.


Greetings from The Slave Detective,


It is always nice to bump into people you don’t know who read your ramblings. This week I have met two. only another 5,354 to go…



Having met these persons I’m still not sure what them make of my efforts on this page. It is interesting to get feedback no matter what angle it takes as we learn from our experiences.


It is ‘Dublin Call Girls’ experiences that I am reading today. This insightful survivor writes from her heart of what she is feeling, thinking and how her past has affected her. In one part of her blog she mentioned something which resonated with me.


“The main thing I have realised is that the past is the past. There is no going back and changing things and thinking about how I would love to do that is a pointless and very depressing exercise. It’s over. I did what I did. End of story. But it doesn’t have to be the end of my story. These are the cards I’ve been dealt but now I get to decide how to play them.”


It is a good life lesson that I whole heartedly adopt. Sometimes when I write on here it sounds like I want to return to situations past. When dealing with survivors and empowering them through the ‘Long Arm of The Law’ I have made mistakes and maybe not given each person I have dealt with the time I should have.


What I will have done is touched their life in some, hopefully positive, way and learned from this experience. The Secret Diary of a Dublin Call Girl helps us attempt to gain some understanding of the terror of being exploited. It is though great to read the positive gained from this survival. She writes:- 

 “I have to create this friend in myself, and then I will be able to accept (all the different kinds of) love from others.” 

Empowerment is one of the reasons I always give as to why I enjoyed my time on the Human Trafficking Team. That and the pleasure of knowing that we did an exceptional job for our survivors. So when ‘Dublin Call Girl’ writes:- 

“Even if I remain in an up and down self-loathing spiral for another six months, even if this confidence is gone tomorrow and I’m feeling inadequate and shy again, eventually I will win because the sex industry is not going to win this. This is empowerment. The end is beginning and a new start is trying to break through.”



This is what I seek to achieve.



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