The Slave Detective Features in The 2012 TIP Report

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

The 2012 Trafficking in Persons report was published this month.

I have mentioned the TIP reports many times as it grades each country on their performance in relation to Human Trafficking and their legislation. It is a labour of love by those who create it and looks to apply pressure on countries that have a poor human rights record. Hillary Clinton is Championing this report and so it has gathered some pace.

For a few years the TIP Report has recognised the great work my former unit, The Metropolitan Police Human Trafficking Team, has done. This is a global report so the mere fact that our small team merited the attention three years in a row is praise indeed.

I had a great team that worked very hard for survivors of trafficking.

This year I am especially proud of my inclusion in the TIP report.

In the initial introduction of the report it mentions, on page 29, my lecture to the Georgia Education Department in Atlanta.

The report is a must read for anyone serious on the issue. It talks about various issues, action plans and identifies previously un discovered problems.

It is a huge volume of work. Take your time and pick out what you need.Image




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