The Ju Ju Master retires…How Do You Change A Culture Against Human Sex Trafficking?

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

This month has, in my view, been a damaging one for the Human Trafficking World. Two great Human Trafficking Detectives have retired.

DC Desmond and Detective Inspector Steve Wilkinson. Steve is a UNODC expert who trained the trainers for The United Nations.

Unfortunately The Metropolitan Police failed to recognise his expertise. If it were a business they would be hauled over the coals for this lack of vision.

Andy was The Detective who ‘bagged’ the first Ju Ju Trafficking case in this country, (with the unfailing assistance of another great Detective and Financial Investigator Steve Harries) DC Andy Desmond has retired, gone but not forgotten!!

All is not lost as he has focused his attention to assisting difficult victims whom the Police may not have the time to work with. He has set up his own company :-

Anti Trafficking Consultants Limited


I wish him all the very best. I think he will be in great demand within the legal profession

His first role was to give the IHRG another interview to pass on his learning. Please find below the links to a weeks worth of Podcasts.

Andy Desmond: Becoming A Human Sex Trafficking Consultant

Andy Desmond: The Power of Passing On Human Sex Trafficking Knowledge and Experience

Andy Desmond: A Cultural Understanding of Human Sex Trafficking

Andy Desmond: What About Women’s Rights?

Andy Desmond: How Do You Change A Cultural Against Human Sex Trafficking?

Andy Desmond: The Human Sex Trafficking Fight Is A Marathon

Andy Desmond: Passionate About Abolishing Human Sex Trafficking

Andy speaks to the IHRG from the heart in this excellent interview.

I hope there is something for you in it?



One response to “The Ju Ju Master retires…How Do You Change A Culture Against Human Sex Trafficking?

  1. I just wish to thank Roddy for his wonderful kind words. If it was not for Roddy inviting me for a cup of coffee in a coffee bar at the back of Scotland Yard, i would not have gotten into the field of human trafficking.
    After the coffee had been drunk he told me I had a job and told me to apply for the vacant position on the Human Trafficking Team. That was in 2007.
    Therefore I want to thank Roddy (Slavedetective) for pointing me in the right direction and giving me a stronger purpose for my detective skills.
    And being an excellent friend!!!!
    Andy Desmond

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