Ukraine remains in focus

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

Thank you to the huge volume of you that viewed my pages yesterday. I hope there was something for you all to take away.

I recently posted about Ukraine being in the spotlight. I then read about a Ukrainian being convicted in The USA of Trafficking Eastern European women.

The article comes from Detroit and starts out “It took five years to hunt him down — and about five hours to sentence him.”

Image Veniamin Gonikman

It highlights a couple of things for me as a retired Human Trafficking Investigator.

1)…… it took five years to trap this person. It takes dedicated, focused and highly skilled Police Officers to ensure this type of person isn’t walking our streets. The powers that be want fast results and rarely have the patients to allow this type of investigation.

Operation Quartzire was one of our cases, run by DC Andy Desmond (recently retired and a great loss to the Policing world) and, under great pressure to conclude this operation, he held on and got the result that shocked the management. The trafficker Anthony Harrison was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment for trafficking young women from Africa. The case took nearly four years to conclude. The level skill of work that I doubt I will see the like of again.

2) ……… With it being very easy to traffic Eastern European women to The UK, due to the lack of paperwork required, the fact that, in this particular case, Ukrainian nightclub owner Veniamin Gonikman smuggled eastern European Women into the USA rings alarm bells for me.

I have to ask myself why did he feel the need to go to these lengths?

 Was the financial incentive bigger in the USA that he would risk smuggling his women there?

Is the UK already so full of Eastern European trafficked women that he sought to go elsewhere?

I believe that one of the main reasons UK brothels are now full of Eastern Europeans and a marked decrease in Asian women is that the risks of smuggling trafficked women are unnecessary when there is a ready supply from Eastern Europe costing far less and therefore the profit margin is greater for the pimps and traffickers.

Veniamin Gonikman received just three years and will no doubt be out to profit again shortly if he is not deported.

I also wrote recently about FEMEN in the Ukraine. Well I also see this week that they had their first big publicity stunt!

One of their number walked up to the European Cup on display and stripped topless. The YOU TUBE footage is a big hit! The press of course wrote the headline that she tried to steal the cup. Hardly likely that a topless women could just walk out with the trophy with no one noticing it!

Sometimes the press just get it SO wrong!



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