Ukraine step into the Limelight.


Greetings from The Slave Detective,

With Footballs (or Soccer for my USA readers) European Championships fast approaching in Ukraine the Human Trafficking issue that follows major events focuses on the country.

FEMEN is a women rights group which have been raising the profile of women to develop a social consciousness.

 It isn’t a new group, just springing up to cover the ‘Games’. They have been protesting on the streets of Ukraine since before 2007.

This article explains at length what has happened to women who have openly become members of this group. They lose their jobs, their places at University and their place in society.

They are also often accused by fellow Ukrainian feminists for not contributing to a positive image of Ukrainian feminism.

They are highlighting the European Championship should not be used to exploit women for profit and the event should be free of forced prostitution and human trafficking.

Today human trafficking of women inside and outside of Eastern Europe, especially in the Ukraine, has continued to be on the rise with numbers that show an ongoing and critical crisis. According to the U.S. State Department’s Trafficking in Persons Report, “The number of Ukrainian victims subjected to forced labor and forced prostitution within the country continued to increase”. This rise includes a rise in sex-tourism, a form of sexual exploitation common in Ukraine.

Organized crime is largely responsible for spreading international human trafficking. Although sex trafficking—along with its correlative elements such as kidnapping, rape, physical abuse, and prostitution—is illegal in nearly every country in the world widespread greed and corruption make it possible for sex trafficking to proliferate. While national and international institutions attempt to regulate and enforce anti-trafficking legislation, there is a suggestion that poorly paid local police forces and government official may in fact be participating in the very sex trafficking rings they are charged in preventing.


I have lectured twice in Ukraine and have worked with The International Organization of Migration (IOM) on Human Trafficking issues within Ukraine.

 It is possible that their former ‘Soviet’ outlook on society and the reluctance by authorities to Police in a European style could be behind these suggestions.

Change takes time but these games may soften their outlook.

I hope it doesn’t soften their resolve against Trafficking. I wish them luck.


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