When discussing Trafficking this ‘topic’ always comes up

ImageGreetings from The Slave Detective,

The Huffington Post (for whom I may one day write an article..it was muted…) recently published this on illegal immigration.

For immigration services it is a ‘no win’ situation. The UK Boarders Agency are tasked with making sure persons entering and living/working within the UK are legally doing so. They uphold the Immigration Laws as do the Police in certain circumstances.

This brings them into direct conflict with victims of Human Trafficking and Non Profit Organisations who stand up for the Human Rights of these persons.

The Huffington Post has commented on a new site published called ‘Illegalalienreport‘ which states its purpose is to document “cases of migrant labour, drug trafficking, human smuggling, theft, fraud, and violent crime involving illegal immigrants and businesses hiring illegal aliens” in the United States, Canada, Australia, Russia, and most of Western Europe including the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Italy.

There are of course all sorts of implications in viewing this site. What is behind it? Is it a supremacist page?

I recently listened to a Podcast on ‘This American Life’ that followed vigilantes who patrolled the USA- Mexican Border and the attitude of those involved. It was very enlightening.

There is a growing concern being voiced in Europe and The USA about the amount of money being spent on illegal immigrants or economic migrants. I have seen an Email costing how much the UK government gives in benefits to migrants as opposed to Pensioners who have paid their taxes to the country.

I find these arguments deflect from the real issues here. One of them being that many persons still don’t understand the plight involved of victims who don’t have a choice. There are no absolute answers in this field but many points of discussion. Many grey areas that need to be probed.

Unless we investigate properly we will not discover the true victims and those that are playing the system. 

The one thing is for sure. Until trafficked victims come to light we can’t unearth their story. Maybe this is one way, not the only way, we can rescue someone else in a terrible position?


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