Call to Make Brothels Legal in London for Olympics

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

Well there had to be someone who thought it was a good idea!!

Dennis Hoff is the chap who has stuck his head above the parapet. Please read his well thought out argument. It covers topics I have discussed on here before.

Dennis says “ that while he’s in the U.K. he’s on a mission to sell London authorities on legal brothels.”

I think Dennis should be given the publicity he craves. Let the public tell him what they think of his idea. He is, of course, not in it for the money! He says

“These illegal brothels are disgusting,” said Hof. “The girls are not tested for diseases and they’re trafficked and forced into it. I’m saying it’s not always like that and it doesn’t have to be like that. We can provide the client with a clean, safe and fun experience.”

I’m sure our Dennis will give a sizable chunk of his assets to Human Trafficking Charities and NGO’s to stamp out Trafficking to ensure his dream is reality.

He said his main concerns are the health and safety of both sex workers and their clients, and stopping a short-term epidemic of human trafficking.

“I expect 1,000 girls to be trafficked in by Southeast Asian, Albanian and African gangs, violent gangs involved in crime and drugs,” said Hof, who based his prediction on what he said he witnessed at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada.

He also thinks authorities are making an economic mistake. The traffickers, Hof said, “stand to make a billion pounds that won’t be taxed and that will be stolen away from London.”

While prostitution is legal in the U.K., operating a brothel, pimping and streetwalking are all illegal, as is paying for sexual services from someone who has been coerced into prostitution.

Interesting that his model brothel hasn’t worked anywhere else. Trafficking in Holland and other countries that have legalized the it has continued without being checked.

Our legislation under S 57, S58 and S59 of the sexual offences act would be neutralized and ineffective. New legislation would have to be created to stop sex trafficking.

Dennis is naive at best if he thinks this is likely to happen within the next month. He knows that brothels are already in place for the Olympics and this is just self-promotion, ego inflating bigotry.

Hoff (65) had his 25yr old Girlfriend in tow. She obviously loves him for his looks!

 Hof’s girlfriend and employee, 25-year-old Cami Parker, who accompanied him on his U.K. trip, enthusiastically backed his proposal. “Sex is as much a human need as food or water,” said Parker.


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