Consenting Adults?

 Greetings from The Slave Detective,

I’ve been knocked into ‘a tin hat’ again by another blogger!

But then why do I need to write my own words when the brilliant ‘Secret Diary of a Dublin Call Girl” can reveal the inner thoughts of a survivor that I could never articulate.

In her recent blog ‘Time and Companionship’ she discusses the ‘contract’ one enters into or doesn’t.

‘Dublin Call Girl’ also questions the careful use of language so that people engaging in the services of a prostitute feel more comfortable in what they are doing.

It leads me on to the apparent acceptability when survivors are manoeuvred into in the vice world. Once a trafficked person has been nudged over that line into accepting the poison chalice, whether it is by force, coercion or persuasion, the use of language to ‘normalise’ this business by all involved helps to be acceptable on the exterior of the relationship. This continues until the trafficked person is empowered to liberate themselves from the situation either by themselves or others. This is true also of other forms of trafficking, but more so in Prostitution.

I am still in touch with several of my victims to ensure they have a ‘fall back’ should they need it. I’m sure they would take strength from survivors like ‘Dublin Call Girl’ and ‘Stella Marr’, who also enlightens and talks openly.


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