Bathed in Glory

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

I’m well aware that President Obama has about 1000 persons on his protection staff. Not all can be trusted to represent their country in a good light.

PROTUS (President of The United States) appears to have handled this latest storm brewing in his protection detail very well.

He is currently visiting Colombia but this story has brewed up in his wake.

When asked about agents on his detail who had purchased the services of prostitutes in Colombia he said “We’re here on behalf of our people,” the president said, “and that means that we conduct ourselves with the utmost dignity and probity and, obviously, what’s been reported doesn’t match up with those standards.”

This is not the first time services have let down their country. Peace keeping forces in Bosnia and Serbia were running their own networks of Trafficked women for prostitution.

A loud and clear message needs to go out.

Will Obama’s Presidency speak out at the time when the latest Trafficking In Persons Report (T.I.P report) completed by The USA comes out? It is published in December but completed shortly.

According to the “Trafficking in Persons Report,” Colombia is a destination for foreign child sex tourists from the United States and Europe. The report also details that members of gangs and organized criminal networks force relatives, acquaintances, and displaced persons — typically women and children — into conditions of sex trafficking and forced labour, including in the illegal drug trade.

If the story is true no medals will be handed out for this conflict.


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