A fresh Start for a Trafficker?

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

Stephen Craig is a Trafficker. He faced a court and was convicted. I blogged on this case, based in Scotland, when I first started up. Not very long ago.

It appear now he has served his sentence, or is about to be released. Fine punishment indeed!

It is not my place to comment on the length of his sentence. Judges who sit on the case are far better placed and have all the facts at their disposal.

So he is about to be released and a Scottish Newspaper has interviewed him.

So the purpose of this interview with Stephen Craig has to be him repenting and working against other traffickers?

I’m afraid not. It appears that he has been interviewed so he can attempt to influence the Proceeds of Crime hearing which is about to take all of his assets from his £20,000 a week empire. “I might have been earning £5000” he says.

In British Law the prosecution is entitled to make an assumption of profits on criminal assets for six years prior to conviction. So you can see why he wants to fudge the issue.

He stands to lose a lot of money. No doubt he has squirreled it away.

He will be liable for this calculated amount for the rest of his life so it is in his interest to keep the figure low so he can clear it and start earning again!

Read this article and join in my loathing of this individual.

I fear this is the real reason this ‘News Paper’ has run this article.

He said: “Footballers were ten-a-penny. Players would turn up at one of the flats when the team had just lost. We had football pundits who were also regulars.

“But footballers didn’t really get the girls excited. They were more interested in comedians who came to Glasgow on tour. There were a lot of them.”

They can see an angle to profit and I’ll wager Craig will be looking to benefit from his knowledge.

Maybe we should contact the news paper and see if his ‘fee’ should go to Human Trafficking Charities who support the victims. There is no mention of remorse or the lives he ruined. The last paragraph sums it all up.

He has been rehabilitated has he? You decide!

I had hoped this might be a clear insite into a Trafficker. In a way it is.

He will be back at The Helm shortly.


“There were also a couple of Scottish actors who regularly used the agency.”


2 responses to “A fresh Start for a Trafficker?

  1. Unbelievable!! Oh, how I hope they manage to get the 20,000. Serve him right. Your idea about putting the money into a fund to help victims, perfect.

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