Prostitutes in High Schools

Greetings from The Slave Detective,

I recently read of another good result by law enforcement in The USA.

The case is appalling right from its opening line.

“Two men associated with the Fairfax County-based Underground Gangster ‘Crips’ gang pleaded guilty Thursday to sex trafficking charges for their roles in a conspiracy to prostitute high school girls.”

Our children come under increasing attack from their peers not only in the USA but in every culture.

The media fuel this pressure and the acceptability that often feeds the weaker youth.

This perceived weakness stems from uncertainty in our youth stemming from the many mixed messages and fear of being left out.

There has recently been a huge case in the UK where young girls were compromised by slightly older boyfriends who were in a gang. They were filmed and compromised into committing all sorts of sexual acts by the gang. Much of this was to be seen to be part of the ‘In Crowd’ and then not being able to say ‘No’ for fear of reprisals and being ‘outed’ to their friends and families.

This case sounds very familiar. Once again I’m thinking how do the survivors recover from their ordeal?

At the risk of sounding as if I am repeating myself this second article re-enforces something I have said a few times before.

Women make the best Traffickers!! This is a case in India which is exactly that.

I’ve mentioned a few times The Case of R V’s Novak, our Operation SHAWM.

One of my DC’s Mark Simpson explains it better than me when he says,

“Women know how to explain what they want to other women. Especially when they have been in that position. They don’t use the threat of force, they don’t need to. They reason with a fellow ‘woman’ and convince them it isn’t that bad



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